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O'Malley readies new offshore wind bid

Under the governor's bill, the state would require Maryland's electricity suppliers to furnish up to 2.5 percent of their power from offshore turbines by 2017. And it offers a subsidy to encourage the construction of enough turbines off the coast to generate 1 percent of the state's energy needs, by guaranteeing developers a fixed price for the power they produce.
13 Jan 2013

The cable is the key

The company, Deepwater Wind, is proposing a five-turbine wind farm with a capacity of 30 megawatts. A submerged export cable would run from the wind project to the island. Another cable would then connect the island to the mainland. Analysts have estimated that about 10 percent of the proposed wind farm’s output would be used on Block Island. The submerged line to the mainland would be bidirectional, able to export excess offshore wind-generated electricity and import power from the existing mainland grid back to Block Island when the wind stops blowing.
2 Jan 2013

Outlook for offshore wind: dark and stormy

Still, the numbers indicate that such electricity would not be competitive in America. According to Navigant, operation and maintenance - separate from the cost of building the machines - costs about 39 euros, or about $50, per megawatt-hour. That is almost as high as the average wholesale price of a megawatt-hour in New York State - $59 last year.
4 Dec 2012

Midcoast wind power project nears completion

Officials have been studying the feasibility of constructing four or five offshore wind turbines, enough to power the entire town under ideal wind conditions. But the project has been on hold for several years, and a recent report suggests it may be too expensive and generate too little revenue to make it worthwhile.
19 Nov 2012
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