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Underwater power cables are 'mesmerising' brown crabs and causing biological changes that could affect their migration habits, scientists warn

Experts in Scotland found exposure to electromagnetism triggered 'behavioural and physiological responses' in around 60 brown crabs at the St Abbs Marine Station. ...The cables for offshore renewable energy also emit an electromagnetic field that attracts the crabs and causes them to become stationary, which affects breeding and migration, according to the team. 
11 Oct 2021

Ørsted says offshore UK windfarms need urgent repairs

The Danish wind power firm Ørsted has warned that up to 10 of its giant offshore windfarms around the UK and Europe will need urgent repairs because their subsea cables have been eroded by rocks on the seabed. ...Ørsted has found that the rocks placed at the base of the wind turbine foundations to prevent the erosion of the seabed were responsible for wearing down the cable protection system which, in a worst case scenario, could cause the cables to fail.
30 Apr 2021

Western Link HVDC outage caused record constraint management payments as wind power surged

The £1.3 billion Western Link was originally due to come online in 2015, but only began operating at full capacity in December 2019. The high cost of balancing the grid given the surge in wind power and the outage comes after The Times reported that in the first six months of 2020, £55.7 million was paid out in constraint payments, while in the whole of 2019 £130 million of constraint payments were made.
24 Feb 2020

MP cancels parliamentary debate on Norfolk wind farms, so he can speak at Norwich hearing into issue

Cables from Hornsea Three would come ashore at Weybourne, while cables from Vattenfall’s two wind farms would reach Norfolk at Happisburgh. Both would then need trenches up to 60 kilometres long to be dug across the Norfolk countryside to connect them to the National Grid. Mr Freeman said he was not against the principle of wind farms ...But he said he felt local communities had not been properly engaged with and the siting of a substation the size of Wembley Stadium at Necton was inappropriate.
6 Feb 2019

Wind farm firm scraps plan for relay stations in Norfolk countryside

The energy firm behind one of the world’s biggest offshore wind farms has scrapped plans to build large electricity plants in the Norfolk countryside. Vattenfall, which wants to build two wind farms around 50 kilometres off the east Norfolk coast, said today it will use more advanced technology which will mean a cable corridor it hopes to dig across the Norfolk countryside will be narrower. It also means no relay stations will be needed.
22 Feb 2018

‘Game over’ for pylons -as National Grid cancel surveys

Campaigners say that National Grid’s controversial 33-mile proposed pylon route between Cefn Coch and Oswestry costing an estimated £300 million is now under threat after Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom confirmed that windfarms at Llanbadarn Fynydd, Llaithddu, Llanbrynmair and Carnedd Wen were being refused.
11 Sep 2015

Calls to put power lines underground

Fresh calls are being made for parts of the Brechfa Connection wind farm power lines route to be placed under ground on the outskirts of Carmarthen. Town councillors said the wooden H-frames proposed to cross the River Towy, near Abergwili Bridge, will be a blight on the landscape and affect the Towy Valley.
4 Mar 2014

Council votes to stand firm on windfarms

Councillors backed their current stance to oppose the plans vehemently on the grounds that communities across the area will still be affected. National Grid announced it plans to bury eight of the 33 miles of 400 kv  line that will be needed if windfarm developers win permission to build a network of sites across north Powys through the Meifod valley between Welshpool and Oswestry.
26 Sep 2013

Wind farm pylons will cost every home £88 as part of £22bn project to link them to national grid

The scheme is part of a £200billion programme to switch to ‘green' energy and build nuclear power stations to meet targets to cut carbon emissions. This wider scheme will also be funded by higher bills for families and businesses. The network of pylons is expected to trigger disputes amid fears that beautiful views will be destroyed.
17 Jul 2012

Energy company shelves wind farm scheme

SSE chief executive Ian Marchant said: "The wind farm developers have said they cannot pay that so they have not signed their connection agreement that would give the financial guarantees. No wind farm developer will commit so there is no guarantee to build the link."
11 Nov 2010

Pylon plan could be a ‘catastrophe' for tourism

Leader of East Lindsey District Council, Coun Doreen Stephenson, has described the prospect of this happening as ‘catastrophic' - adding it could affect tourism to market towns such as Horncastle. "It is not acceptable for multi-national companies to overpower small communities by forcing their plans upon them," she said.
6 Oct 2010

Beauly Denny power line is vandalism

At first glance, approval for the Beauly Denny power line through the Highlands of Scotland looks like a victory in the battle against climate change. ...Renewable energy investors may be relieved, but this decision by Scottish ministers is a needless and myopic act of vandalism. Climate change campaigners can mock the 18,000 people who objected as nimbys. But in trampling over ordinary people's love of wild landscapes, a depressing split has been opened in the Scottish environmental lobby.
11 Jan 2010

Britain heading back to the dark ages

Rupert Soames, the chief executive of Aggreko, the FTSE 250 emergency power generator, says the UK must prepare seriously for the danger of being hit by similar blackouts within the next decade. "It has happened before in developed countries and we should not kid ourselves that it cannot happen here," he said in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph. "The UK has an unacceptably high risk of interrupted power supply." ...sceptics worry that a so-called "intelligent grid" could also be used to ration consumers in the event of insufficient capacity.
5 Sep 2009
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