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Wind turbines may halve bat activity

The research, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, involved halting microturbine movement at 20 sites across the UK and examining the effect on bird and bat activity. Bird activity was not significantly affected but bat activity was 54% lower in close proximity to operating turbines.
31 Jul 2012

Wind turbines 'hit' bat populations

Scientists found the blades of wind turbines were a major threat to bats particularly when they are migrating. ...Writing in the journal Science, the researchers estimated that bats could be worth billions to agriculture around the world.
31 Mar 2011

'UFO' turbine debris sent to German forensic scientists

A 65ft blade from the 290ft turbine fell off and a second was bent in the mysterious incident in Conisholme, Lincs, on Wednesday. ...Scientists at manufacturers Enercon have been looking into the mystery, and dismissed the theories that either a chunk of ice thrown from another turbine, or frozen urine dropped from a passing plane, was the cause.
10 Jan 2009

School wind turbine refused for bats' sake

Councillors have refused to let a school press ahead with a plan for a wind turbine because of fears it will kill bats. Askam Village School had asked Barrow Borough Council for permission to install a 11.7-metre tall turbine in the school grounds, about 40 metres from Lots Road. But Natural England, the government agency responsible for bat conservation, objected and urged the council not to allow it.
22 Dec 2008

Windfarms pose major risk to bats

Windfarms are blamed for the deaths of large numbers of birds, including the threatened hen harrier, that crash into the spinning blades. But, what's now emerging is that bats are probably more at risk than birds. Up to now little has been known about the effects of windfarms on bats. Something that has mystified researchers, however, is that bats found dead around turbines had no visible injuries. So, are windfarms killing bats without touching them? It seems they are. ..."If bat fatalities continue this has the potential to be really serious. The problem is likely to get much worse with the proliferation of turbines, not just from large power companies erecting them but private individuals doing so as well," Ms Baerwald pointed out.
15 Sep 2008

Batting for wildlife

I am extremely concerned at the detrimental impact the construction of wind turbines on the land adjacent to High Elms Lane, Benington could have on wildlife. It is well known locally that this site supports a large and varied wildlife and many of the species are of national and international importance. It has taken a long time and sympathetic farming to encourage so many species to thrive in this area. A total of 26 mammal species (not counting bats) and 75 bird species have been recorded around the proposed wind farm, along with various amphibians and reptiles.
21 Aug 2008

Dark times overshadow bat events

A series of events on bats look set to be overshadowed by problems affecting the mammals' chances of survival, according to an expert. Anne Youngman, the Bat Conservation Trust's Scottish officer, said wet weather may have hit the breeding season for a second year running. ...On the agenda is a presentation on wind farms in mountain areas of Portugal. Ms Youngman said: "Wind farms were a hot topic at the last symposium. "In Germany, there are turbines above forests and the mortality rate of bats has been found to be high.
15 Aug 2008

Wind farm rejected over bat fears

Plans for a wind farm in north Devon have been rejected on environmental grounds. Torridge District Council turned down the scheme on the grounds of visual impact, noise and the impact on bats at the site near Stibb Cross. Developer Ecotricity is considering whether to appeal against the decision.
29 Feb 2008

Bid to ease wildlife rules to allow development of £500m Lewis wind farm

Plans for Europe's largest wind farm could still be approved if ministers and environmental agencies can be persuaded to change their interpretation of rules protecting wildlife, councillors in the Western Isles heard yesterday. Ministers indicated last month that they are "minded to refuse" Lewis Wind Power's (LWP) plans for a 181-turbine development on the environmentally sensitive Lewis peatlands, although a final decision has yet to be made. Developers have until 15 February to respond. Following a special meeting of Western Isles Council yesterday, a spokesman for the authority said: "There is determination to do what we can to bring to the Scottish ministers' attention the opportunity that is in danger of being passed up here." ...the council is challenging the government's conclusions and insists the interpretation of environmental rules is too strict. It
5 Feb 2008

Wet weather spells fears for baby bats

Despite common misconceptions, the animals are vital in the food chain to keep down the level of insects. ...Evidence is also mounting that wind turbines are killing bats. Louise Oliver, of the Norfolk and Suffolk Government Team from Natural England, is working with the bat conservation group. Their research has found people with wind turbines often find dead bats near the machinery first thing in the morning.
3 Sep 2007

Bats put the wind up turbine plans

PLANS to build a wind turbine in the grounds of a school could be blown away by a colony of bats. ...In response to Mr Swain's comments at the meeting, a council officer said if there were any bats in the area, government environment department DEFRA could make an objection to the application.
30 Aug 2007

They live by night

But then there is the problem of wind turbines. Research in the US and Europe has linked big turbines to bat mortality. In Britain, there has not been enough research yet, but bat conservationists are particularly concerned about micro turbines on houses. "We've had reports of bats killed by micro turbines. It's possible they pose a greater threat because they could be placed right where bats regularly commute," says Williams. "We need to undertake more research. BCT naturally supports all these strategies to reduce energy waste and increase renewables. Our only fear is we don't know what the impacts are on bats and if they go ahead on a large scale before we know, it may be too late."
27 Aug 2007

Fears over bat wind farm deaths

Bats are being put in danger by the increasing number of wind turbines in Lincolnshire, it has been claimed. Some conservationists have said turbines in the US and Europe have had a serious impact on bat populations. The Bat Conservation Trust has called for talks with the renewable energy industry for more research ahead of more wind farms being built. But the local Green Party dismissed the idea saying there was no evidence impact was significant.
8 Jun 2007
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