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The hush-hush map that paints Scotland green

It is the map of the country which lays bare for the first time the full extent of the Scottish Government's drive to convert the nation to wind power.  Scotland's familiar rugged outline is peppered with at least 535 huge wind farms - taking up an estimated three to five per cent of the total land mass of Scotland - many of them located in areas of outstanding natural beauty.
30 Sep 2012

School in Wotton forced to take down turbine after being given noise abatement notice

The school had been warned when it was granted planning permission in 2009 that if noise were to become an issue the turbine may have to be decommissioned. Specialist engineers had worked with the school over a period of about eight months to try to reduce noise, but modifying the blade tips and even shortening the blades themselves had little effect.
6 Sep 2012

Wind turbines must be curbed, say protesters

Mr Vizzard explained that his group wants a policy put in place that sets in stone the maximum height of a turbine within a certain distance of a residential property. Other councils that have set policies on wind turbines include Milton Keynes, which bans any turbines within 1.2km of homes, while councils in Wiltshire and Lincolnshire have also imposed restrictions.
9 Jul 2012

Fife Council calls for halt on wind farm applications over 'opportunistic' developers ignoring guidelines

"The pressure being put on our planners is coming from the sheer number of wind turbine applications ...We have already pinpointed areas where turbines could be potentially sited. However, developers are simply ignoring these when making applications which, in turn, is making life more complex for our planning teams."
19 Jun 2012
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