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£10m cost of turning off wind farms

Official figures disclosed that 17 operators were paid almost £7 million for shutting down their farms on almost 40 ­occasions between January and mid-September. Continuing to make payments at that rate would lead to householders paying out £9.9 million in 2011 for operators to disconnect their turbines from the National Grid.
27 Dec 2011

Wind of change hitting renewables

Energy produced at a horrendous cost that drains the budgets of households and depresses spending elsewhere is neither a rational energy gain nor a "stimulus boost". It is edifice economics, founded on sleight of hand taxation and powered by a gale of hope. We are going to need more than this to have a hope of keeping the lights on.
24 Nov 2011

Green energy could trigger 'catastrophic' blackouts

In eastern Germany, turbines in strong wind can produce more than all German coal and gas plants put together, while the need to switch off turbines in high winds causes a drop-off in electricity of 12GW - equal to two nuclear power plants. Outages are likely if there is too little demand or storage capacity to accommodate the jumps in supply.
23 Nov 2011

The great green energy crack-up

History — of the U.S., Europe, the U.K. and its former dominions — repeatedly shows that environmental protection is a luxury good. ...This all splatters to a halt when economies go south. And the crash can be especially jarring if greenness is one of the causes. Thanks in no small part to the debacle in Europe, in a very few recent weeks, we have witnessed the great green crack-up.
21 Oct 2011

Traders shut down risky carbon desks

Large institutional traders have been shutting down their carbon desks, as the £80bn emissions market is still full of hazards six months after an outbreak of fraud. ...The City of London Corporation gave evidence to the Energy Select Committee that some traders are even leaving the market because they are so worried about the potential for handling stolen allowances.
25 Sep 2011

Wind power: a policy spinning out of control

Taxpayers face higher electricity bills and an economy that is damaged because its costs have been artificially inflated by the decision to use wind as a principal source of power. It is a ludicrous situation. ...the commitment to wind power is based on dogma, not evidence. But the truth is that you can't meet a country's energy needs from dogma - as ministers will discover soon enough.
18 Sep 2011
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