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Turbine firm tries to avoid TV signal survey

A renewable energy company has applied to change the conditions attached to its controversial wind turbine project at Highburn House in Wooler. Myriad CEG are attempting to remove a condition that obliges them to carry out a survey of television signals in the area.
6 Mar 2013

Wind farm noise does harm sleep and health, say scientists

Unlike other forms of variable noise, however, such as railways and aircraft, it [turbine noise] can continue for very long periods at a time. The nature of the noise - a rhythmic beating or swooshing of the blades - is also disturbing. UK noise limits permit turbines to be built so close to houses that sleep impacts and associated health effects are almost inevitable.
3 Mar 2013

Landowners '£1 billion wind farm boom'

"We're seeing in Scotland the biggest transfer of money from the poor to the rich that we've ever seen in our history," he told a press conference in Edinburgh. "In parts of the Highlands now tourism is being effectively destroyed and people are leaving the Highlands because tourists no longer want to go there with the landscape bristling with wind factories and industrial wind turbines.
24 Feb 2013

Criticism after lorry delay

A windfarm developer has been accused of riding roughshod over residents, who have had to endure further disruption. The latest episode happened on Monday when a vehicle delivering a turbine part became stuck for more than an hour as it was making its way to the site at Wingates.
18 Feb 2013

Site visit may be ruled out on wind farm planning proposal

Controversial plans for the Highlands' biggest wind farm - an 83-turbine development in the hills above Loch Ness - are set to be decided on Tuesday without councillors visiting the site, prompting anger from anti-wind farm campaigners. Planning officers are recommending Highland Council raises no objection to the proposed Stronelairg development.
16 Feb 2013

‘Around 90 per cent against the wind farms'

Thousands of Lincolnshire residents spoke out against wind farms when over 90 per cent voted in opposition in a survey by the County Council. Now, local opposition groups say that they hope this ‘sends a clear message to West Lindsey District Council' regarding plans to build wind farms at Hemswell Cliff and Corringham, near Gainsborough.
6 Feb 2013
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