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Too windy for wind turbines! 165mph gales raise MORE questions about wind farms as gusts leave trail of destruction across country

Scottish and Southern Energy refused to disclose how many of its turbines were affected. A spokesman for National Grid said: ‘At lunchtime today, 1,500MW of electricity that was expected to be generated by wind farms in Scotland wasn't being produced, although we can't tell if that's all down to the high winds or wind farms just deciding not to generate.
8 Dec 2011

Turbine in a flap after second safety failure

A council-owned wind turbine in Yeovil has been taken down for a second time amid concerns about its safety. The future of the turbine is now uncertain after the company which supplied it went in to administration. Technicians took down the turbine at Yeovil Innovation Centre in Copse Road after manufacturer Proven Energy warned of a defect.
23 Sep 2011

Turbine firm issues safety alert over blades

Proven Energy revealed drive shafts in the 35-2 model had an "acute" defect and told owners that the machines - which can produce up to 12.1kilowatts and cost up to £70,000 - should be left stationary, with the "parking brake" applied. The advice to stop the turbines follows so-far unspecified problems with three machines.
16 Sep 2011

Proven Energy has a problem

Proven halted sales of the P35-2 turbine after finding an "acute technical defect" in three machines. LCA commented that as a result of the defect, the sales suspension and "the current difficult planning environment", Proven was now incurring losses that it could not sustain without a further injection of cash.
16 Sep 2011

Wind farm campaigner attacks ‘dead end technology' as broken turbines stand idle

A campaigner attacked the "dead end technology" behind Fenland's wind farms after he discovered that two of the £2 million turbines at Coldham are currently standing idle. John Stoneman, from Cambs Environmental and Wildlife Protection, first warned the operators of the Co-operative site that one of their turbines was broken in October. Another turbine has also been out of action for a fortnight. Both are yet to be fixed.
17 Jan 2011

Mystery wind turbine blaze closes road

"I had several calls from concerned residents who saw the fire, which burned for over two hours," said local county councillor Paul Marfleet. "I went up to the site and the police and fire service were there, but there was little they could do to tackle a fire 75 metres above the ground and I did sympathise.
5 Nov 2010

Wind farms to blow away

Hundreds of European offshore wind turbines have a design fault which allows them to move and slide on their bases. Turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators believe that finding a solution could take months and cost into the millions of pounds.
28 Apr 2010

Flaw hits hundreds of EU offshore wind turbines

Hundreds of European offshore wind turbines have a design fault allowing them to slide on their bases and finding a solution could take months and cost millions of pounds, European turbine makers and wind farm operators said on Friday. The problem involves towers using grouting, a mixture of cement, sand and gravel, to attach the turbines to their base, they said.
24 Apr 2010

Sinking turbines blow ill wind across offshore energy sector

Hundreds of offshore wind turbines could be suffering from a design flaw that makes them sink into the sea. Energy company engineers are urgently investigating the extent to which their offshore wind farms are affected, after flaws were discovered on a Dutch wind farm last autumn. The problem could cost £50 million, said Renewables UK, the industry body that represents wind farm developers.
14 Apr 2010

Ill wind farm

Hundreds of Britain's offshore wind turbines may have a design flaw that makes them SINK, The Sun can reveal. Concrete in their foundations can wear away - leaving the power generators to drop several centimetres into the seabed and become less stable.
13 Apr 2010

Decision on Kirkheaton turbines deferred

A wind energy company's request for more time to fix two faulty turbines in Northumberland has been deferred by county councillors. Two of the three 66m-high turbines at Kirkheaton have stood idle for the last 18 months, after their blades were removed because of technical problems.
8 Apr 2010

Kirkheaton wind turbines may have to be dismantled

Two of the three 66m-high turbines at Kirkheaton in Northumberland have stood idle for the last 18 months, after their blades were removed because of technical problems. Conditions imposed when the wind farm started operating in 2000 state that any turbines not working for more than six months should be removed and that part of the site restored. Operator EDF Energy is seeking permission to vary the condition.
29 Mar 2010
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