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Riverside Stadium wind turbine developer set to launch multi-million pound legal action against Durham Tees Valley Airport

Mr Millinder said the money from electricity the turbine could already have generated has been lost, and that he will look to sue DTVA to recover the company’s losses. He said: “I would lay the blame at the door of the airport. We have lost around £2.8m from the tariff. ...There is no technology available that would have been able to satisfy the airport’s submission."
29 Dec 2014

Wind farm bosses given more time to tackle radar issue in Northumberland

Permission was subject to a condition that the developer had 12 months in which to agree a scheme to mitigate the effects of its turbines on the primary surveillance radar at Newcastle International Airport. The company  asked the county council to be allowed to remove the condition, and to vary the condition on turbine height to instead allow 130m models to be used. The council approved the first request but refused the second.
25 Dec 2014

Wind turbine topples over near New Deer

A homeowner near the north-east village of New Deer was left bewildered yesterday after a wind turbine has crashed to the ground through the night. ...David Richards, who lives in view of the toppled turbine, described last night how he had first noticed that it had fallen over in the early morning of yesterday.
14 Nov 2014

Row erupts between Riverside Stadium wind turbine developers and Durham Tees Valley Airport

A row has erupted between the developer of Boro FC’s wind turbine and Durham Tees Valley Airport over alleged passenger safety issues. The 136 metre turbine was given the green light in 2008 but the approval came with a condition that, before operation, a scheme to alleviate the impact of the turbine on the airport radar must be submitted and approved by the local authority.
14 Nov 2014

MoD stops croft wind turbines

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has won its fight to prevent three Hebridean crofters from building wind turbines. Despite previously siding with the crofters, Western Isles Council has now refused planning permission to build the generators on their crofts in South Uist.
2 Oct 2014

Kids could be playing under 77-metre wind turbine at Pitreavie playing fields

West Fife kids could be playing under a 77-metre (252ft) turbine at Pitreavie after councillors approved controversial plans to build wind turbines in parks, schools and leisure centres. Fife Council’s executive committee has greenlighted proposals to put up the turbines at seven sites in the Kingdom, five of which are in West Fife, as a way to cut its £13million annual energy bill.
21 Sep 2014

The scandal of UK's death-trap wind turbines: A turbine built for 115mph winds felled in 50mph gusts

The conclusions are not  merely unsettling, but have frightening implications for wind turbines and their safety right across the country. ...the causes were manufacturing faults and basic mistakes in the way  they were installed. The errors  have already been replicated elsewhere in the country, as the two reports make clear, and could affect dozens – if not hundreds – more of the giant towers.
14 Sep 2014

Ship master given hefty fine for wind farm collision off Norfolk

While passing through the wind farm, he failed to notice that one of the turbine towers' lights was not lit up and hit the tower head on at approximately 12 knots.  Mr Whinfrey and his fellow crewman were thrown forward, hitting the control consul, while passengers below were flung across the cabin.
3 Sep 2014

Wind turbine fires 'ten times more common than thought', experts warn

Study backed by Imperial Turbines are prone to catching on fire because their design puts highly flammable materials such as hydraulic oil and plastic in close proximity to machinery and electrical wires, which can ignite a fire if they overheat or are faulty.College finds wind turbines prone to "catastrophic" fires but the true scale of the problem is unknown.
17 Jul 2014

Inquiry over teen who fell 100ft down wind turbine

A worker told a fatal accident inquiry today how for seven years he had thought “constantly” about a teenager whose hand he had held as he lay dying in a pool of blood after falling around 100 feet down a turbine shaft during the construction of a Scottish wind farm.
23 Jun 2014

Hampshire wind farm refused over MoD concerns

It recommended refusal on the grounds that the turbines would pose a hazard to military aircraft, as the area is used by the Ministry of Defence for low flying training. Officers also judged the location to be unsuitable due to the impact the turbines would have on the operations of the Chilbolton Observatory Advanced Meteorological Radar.
17 Jun 2014
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