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Infinis wind farms remain on hold until after referendum

"Both projects will only begin construction once the outcome of the Scottish referendum, and its potential effect on energy policy, is known," Infinis said yesterday. It also noted that its wind farms had been becalmed, suffering a one-third drop in output, and impacted by lower prices in the market.
8 Aug 2014

Early contracts for renewable electricity

Today’s NAO report finds that, by awarding these early contracts, the Department has provided certainty of support to the contractors at least five months earlier than they could have achieved under the full Contract for Difference regime. ...However, the scale of early contracts for renewables, awarded without competition, may have increased costs to consumers.
27 Jun 2014

Minister extends powers to veto wind farms

Dozens of onshore wind farms face being vetoed by the Conservatives after Eric Pickles extended his powers to block unpopular proposals. The Local Government Secretary has pledged to decide on key applications for turbines himself - taking the final say away from planning inspectors.
16 Apr 2014

Tensions between British government parties over energy policy blamed for wind deal collapse

A change in EU policy which has scaled back mandatory renewable energy targets from 2020 has also changed the emphasis from wind energy. “Energy is now top of the agenda in the UK. The British government policy on energy is in an absolute state of dysfunction. There is a battle between the two parties [Conservatives and Liberal Democrats],” the negotiator said.
8 Mar 2014

Massive wind farm plans look likely to be shelved

An agreement between the Irish and British governments to permit power to traded between the two countries is now unlikely to go ahead, effectively shelving scores of windfarms across the midlands region. The lack of agreement will be good news to residents who had mounted huge opposition to the plans in areas where large-scale wind farms were due to be developed.
7 Mar 2014

European Commission to ditch legally-binding renewable energy targets

The European Commission is to ditch legally-binding renewable energy targets after 2020 in a major U-turn and admission that the policy has failed industry and consumers by driving up electricity bills. A Brussels paper on the European Union’s “2030 framework for climate and energy” will instead propose binding targets to reduce carbon emissions without imposing requirements on how the reductions are made. “It is good to see that the EU has learned the lessons of the current targets that imposed top-down renewable energy targets,” said a Government source.
23 Jan 2014

Axe carbon tax to keep lights on and cut energy bills, says ScottishPower chief

Keith Anderson, chief corporate officer, warns that the “carbon price floor” (CPF), which taxes companies for burning fossil fuels, will make Britain’s remaining coal plants “largely uneconomic by around the middle of the decade”. With Britain’s spare power margin already forecast to fall as low as 2pc by 2015, the carbon tax will force more closures and “threatens to make us even more vulnerable to the risk of blackouts”, he warns.
8 Dec 2013

Energy firms 'facing cash drought after Ed Miliband's speech', says analyst

A leading City analyst claimed on Thursday that Ed Miliband had "killed stone dead" any chance of one of the big six energy firms obtaining finance for a very large new wind farm or gas fired power station before the next election. The warning from Peter Atherton at Liberum Capital came as a new row blew up around accusations of energy profiteering, this time by National Grid, which reported first half operating earnings of more than £1.5bn.
22 Nov 2013

'Job done' on wind farms, says John Hayes

Too many of the turbines had been “peppered” across the UK without enough consideration for the countryside and people’s homes, adding that “enough is enough”. He added: “We can no longer have wind turbines imposed on communities. I can’t single-handedly build a new Jerusalem but I can protect our green and pleasant land.”
13 Nov 2013

Pickles effect starting to curb plans for wind farms in Devon and Cornwall

Landscape campaigners in the Westcountry have hailed the "Pickles effect" after two appeals against council decisions to reject wind farms were dismissed this week. ..."it is encouraging that the Government seems to have awoken to the fact that for many years planning inspectors have been overriding the views of the local people and their democratically elected representatives."
2 Nov 2013

Lord Stephen attacked over wind farm law change

Linda Holt, spokesman for wind farm campaign group Scotland Against Spin, said: “Lord Stephen's chutzpah in bringing forward this amendment is chilling. “He is himself a wind developer who has taken full advantage of lax enforcement about Ofgem licensing and scrutiny of energy companies to a make a slew of speculative wind farm applications across Scotland.”
30 Oct 2013
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