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Plan for wind farm on outskirts of Uttlesford defeated

Renewable energy developers who wanted to build an eight-turbine wind farm at Little Linton Farm, between Linton and Great Chesterford, have seen their appeal against a council planning decision thrown out. ...Matters weighing against the proposal were the harm to the landscape, various heritage assets, aviation interests and biodiversity.
5 Nov 2010

Minister seeks to calm wind farm fears

Dozens of large offshore wind farms are being planned, mainly in the North Sea, and leases have been granted on areas where there are also oil and gas licences outstanding. Operators fear rapid growth could mean conflicts between the two industries.
4 Nov 2010

Council to stop windfarms being built near homes

"In England there's clearly a push, for environmental reasons, in favour of green energy, but there's no protection for residents against these very tall and intrusive structures. "We all want to have green energy, but we don't want 400 ft towers at the bottom of the garden.
2 Nov 2010

Spruce Mountain group appeals wind farm permit

Portland attorney Rufus Brown, who represents the nonprofit group, said he will file an appeal to the DEP on Wednesday, Nov. 3. Brown said noise is his main concern. Opponents to wind projects point to Wind Turbine Syndrome, coined by a New York behavioral pediatrician to describe a series of symptoms found among people living near wind turbines.
30 Oct 2010

Final ‘no' to wind farm

Yesterday planning inspector Philip Major, who was appointed to head the inquiry, ruled in the councils' favour. He also granted full costs, so public money spent on the appeal will be reimbursed.
29 Oct 2010

Kintyre wind farm company in financial crisis

The future of a wind turbine manufacturer which received millions of pounds from the Scottish government to safeguard jobs is in doubt. The Danish company Skykon, which took over the Vestas wind turbine factory in Kintyre last year, has announced it is suspending payments to its creditors.
26 Oct 2010

Vestas to close five wind turbine plants

It is closing four plants in Denmark and one in Sweden, including one in Viborg where it has been manufacturing since 1989. The factory moves follow Vestas' decision to move production of turbines away from the UK last year, when it closed its Isle of Wight facility.
26 Oct 2010

New guidance for responsible development of wind farms

The aim of the guidance is to ensure that all wind farms are built in a way that respects the surrounding environment and minimises environmental risks. The guidance draws on the experience gained through the construction of Scotland's 60-plus wind farms already in operation.
25 Oct 2010

Europe's Ill Wind

Europe’s Ill Wind is a film about the views of people living near existing or planned wind farm developments. Their objections have been dismissed by the wind industry, government and pro-wind campaigners as selfish NIMBYism, leaving unanswered many questions about the reliability and environmental credentials of wind energy. Visit for more information. Duration: 24 minutes 31 seconds
20 Oct 2010

Turbines at every turn in Fife fear

Fears were expressed by some members that the council was taking a piecemeal approach which could result in turbines at every turn in the road. The council is working on a Fife-wide policy on wind turbines and a suggestion was made that applications be deferred until it is complete.
29 Sep 2010

Fighting wind farm plans is turning into a costly proposition

Fighting a proposed wind farm has cost taxpayers nearly £100,000 - sparking fears that future appeals could pass unchallenged. A planning inspector is yet to rule on Enertrag's bid to erect eight turbines between Linton and Great Chesterford, having sat for three weeks in February and several days earlier this month.
27 Sep 2010

Clipper Windpower seeks UTC takeover

Clipper Windpower has sold only 43 turbines in the first six months of this year, against 127 in the same period a year ago Wind turbine maker Clipper Windpower is in crisis talks with its largest shareholder, United Technologies Corporation (UTC), the maker of Sikorsky helicopters, which is preparing to make a bid.
20 Sep 2010

Wind farm protesters hand data to council

"The developers are talking about putting the turbines on probably one of the most protected pieces of land in Huntingdonshire. "There are four huge breaches of local planning policy ...I listed buildings that will be badly affected." He said the developer's environmental impact statement did not take account of cumulative development, and that its assessment of noise was "flawed".
18 Sep 2010
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