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UK takes steps to prevent winter energy crisis

The review will include a commitment to increase supplies from renewable energy sources, such as wind farms, Mr Darling said. But he warned: “The problem with renewables, on the present technology, is that it’s never going to be enough to supply us with energy we need.”
14 May 2006

Welsh Assembly Recommends Severn Barrage

A £10 billion-plus Severn Barrage which, it is claimed, could generate as much power as two nuclear stations for the next 150 years and more is among the options for 'safe, secure and sufficient' energy supplies recommended to the UK Energy Review by the Welsh Assembly Government.
30 Apr 2006

Coal and Severn Barrage plan for Welsh energy

Mr. Davies notes: "Our renewables objectives embrace far more than wind-power. We want to see a wide range of other technologies developed both at the large and small scale. We are making considerable progress on a range of biomass projects - especially in locally supplied heating systems for public sector buildings such as schools, leisure centres and the new, BREEAM rated Assembly building in Cardiff Bay.
26 Apr 2006

International backing puts nuclear top of UK agenda

THE argument for a new generation of nuclear power stations in Britain was bolstered by an international energy watchdog yesterday. The International Energy Agency, which is supported by the world's biggest economies, is poised to conclude that atomic power is the best way to meet the growing threat of global warming and deliver safe, reliable energy supplies in future.
22 Apr 2006

Keeping Britain's lights burning

This strategy should encompass a full range of power supplies, including making full use of this region's remaining coal stocks. Such an approach would negate the risk of fuel shortages if, for example, wind power and other politically-favourable renewable energy sources fail to produce sufficient electricity to meet public demand.
17 Apr 2006
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