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Firms paid to shut down wind farms when the wind is blowing

Energy firms will receive thousands of pounds a day per wind farm to turn off their turbines because the National Grid cannot use the power they are producing. ...It raises the prospect of hugely profitable electricity suppliers receiving large sums of money from the National Grid just for switching off wind turbines.
13 Jun 2011

'Wind turbines pick up £2.6m for standing idle'

Wind farm operators were paid £2.6m to keep their turbines idle last month in the latest stealth charge on household power bills. ...'The most expensive shutdown occurred on May 24, when seven wind farms came off-line for a total of 69 hours at a cost to the grid of £613,000.
12 Jun 2011

Minimum wind farm distances urged by North Lancashire ex-MP

Lord Reay dismissed wind power as "a pointless gesture towards an economically crippling "green" ideology". Opening second reading debate on his Wind Turbines (Minimum Distance from Residential Premises) Bill, Lord Reay called for minimum distances ranging from one to three kilometres, depending on the height of the turbines.
11 Jun 2011

Costs warning over windfarm

Rochdale council could face significant legal costs if it moves to block the construction of a windfarm on the hills above Watergrove reservoir. That was the stark warning given to Rochdale Township planning sub-committee this week by a senior planning officer.
10 Jun 2011

Developer RES withdraws Park Head wind farm scheme

Renewable energy giant RES has withdrawn its scheme for nine turbines at Park Head, near Netherwitton, which was due to be the subject of a public inquiry starting at the end of the month. Last night, campaigners who have fought the project said they were "thrilled".
2 Jun 2011

Wind farms: Britain is 'running out of wind'

Despite the freak gales that battered parts of the country last week, climate experts are warning that many of Britain's wind farms may soon run out of puff. Statistics suggest that the winds that sweep across the British Isles may be weakening.
29 May 2011

Fallago Rig wind farm challenge rejected

At the Court of Session, Judge Lord McEwan ruled out the possibility of overturning permission for the 48-turbine Fallago Rig development. Opponents claimed a second hearing looking at the scheme had been biased and the case had been "pre-determined".
28 May 2011

Wind expansion divides community

She doesn't like wind farms anyway - but she is especially appalled by the prospect of the new infrastructure in the valleys. "This is the rape of the fair country," she said. "It is outrageous that they should consider such a monstrous insult to such a beautiful landscape."
14 May 2011

Hundreds object to wind farms

"My main concern is the impact these wind farms will have on people's quality of life - they would be smack in the middle of five villages." She added that campaigners would fight on if the schemes were rejected by Sedgemoor planners and either applicant appealed the decision.
11 May 2011

Reality Check: How many wind turbines?

The renewable energy industry is delighted when politicians set ambitious targets. It knows promises later have to be backed up with the regulatory, planning and pricing regimes that ensure they're kept. How realistic is 100% of electricity from renewable sources?
3 May 2011

Row after wind farms 'turned off'

The largest payments were made to Whitelee wind farm in East Renfrewshire, which was given over £300,000 in April 2011, and Farr wind farm, south of Inverness, which received over £260,000 in the same month. Dr Lee Moroney, Planning Director for the REF, said: "The variability of wind power poses grid management problems for which there are no cheap solutions.
1 May 2011

Wingates family barred from extending home

"I am a bit incensed by the fact they will not give us permission for the extension but they will give permission for the turbines. We re-jigged it slightly the second time, they still came up with some nonsense about how it would set a precedent which is an absolute load of nonsense.
29 Apr 2011

They toil not, neither do they spin

Nothing illustrates the distance between the political culture and reality in modern governments so much as the billions invested in wind power. Presumably the purpose of such investments is to a) reduce greenhouse emissions and b) reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The plain fact that it increases both seems not to have bothered anyone.
10 Apr 2011
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