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Kirkharle wind farm levels would be "unacceptable" says objector

"Given that there are already three wind farms totalling 37 turbines in this area, it is essential that an assessment is made as to whether there is any remaining strategy to take any more turbines," Mr Archbold said. "Northumberland has consented to more energy and renewable energy than any other county in England."
29 Jul 2011

Climate Change Capital pulls out of SSE deal

Climate Change Capital said it had postponed a fund-raising that would have allowed it to buy SSE's 50 per cent interest in the Braes of Doune wind farm near Stirling for £61.3 million, as agreed last month. The fund blamed "financial market conditions" for its decision.
21 Jul 2011

Get rich quick by being 'green'

Unsurprisingly, planning officers and their committees have taken an increasingly sceptical view of applications. Too often, energy companies have held back key information. They have used bullying tactics, and regularly characterise those who have raised concerns about effects on human lives, the impact on landscape and wildlife, as selfish and trivial-minded.
12 Jul 2011

Anger as company resubmits rejected wind farm proposal

Campaigners backing the Saxby Wolds Against Turbines (Swat) campaign feel disappointed their efforts to get this application rejected have been dismissed. Neil Cameron, chairman for the campaign, said: "I am just disappointed the developers have not listened to our requests.
4 Jul 2011

Wind power numbers down in Britain

"REF's calculations suggest that the annual subsidies will rise to around 6 billion pounds ($9.6 billion) a year in 2020, with the program costing a total of 100 billion pounds ($160 billion) by 2030," he said. "These are heavy burdens and threaten to exhaust consumer patience."
2 Jul 2011

Scheme for wind turbines is generating a war of words

The winds of war are breaking over Totnes in a £4million turbine power battle of words and acronyms. On one side is Shoct - South Hams Opposing Commercial Turbines - who are dead against plans to site a pair of massive wind turbines just outside Totnes. On the other side is the newly formed Swish.
24 Jun 2011

Firms paid to shut down wind farms when the wind is blowing

Energy firms will receive thousands of pounds a day per wind farm to turn off their turbines because the National Grid cannot use the power they are producing. ...It raises the prospect of hugely profitable electricity suppliers receiving large sums of money from the National Grid just for switching off wind turbines.
13 Jun 2011
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