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MPs call on energy firms to end wind farm 'gold rush'

​East Yorkshire MP Mr Knight said: "I say 'no more wind farms in East Yorkshire'. These monstrosities are not saving the planet - they are trashing our countryside." Fellow MP Graham Stuart describes the turbine race as a "gold rush" and says no more communities should have turbines forced on them.
23 Sep 2011

Fears national park could be encircled by wind farms

Mr Gibson said: "If approved, Allt Duine, together with other proposed wind farm developments in the Monadhliath will have a major visual impact in an area adjacent to the Cairngorms National Park and be in clear line of sight from many of Scotland's iconic mountains."
19 Sep 2011

Wind farm paid £1.2 million to produce no electricity

The amount is ten times greater than the wind farm's owners would have received had they actually generated any electricity. The disclosure ...prompting calls last night for an official investigation into the payments system. ...Crystal Rig's owners asked for £999 per megawatt hour of energy they would have produced had they been switched on. Incredibly, the figure Crystal Rig had bid was accepted by the National Grid.
18 Sep 2011

Wind turbine is 'embarrassment'

Councillor Ciano Rebecchi, whose ward covers the school, said: "We are meant to be a green council and yet we cannot get this turbine to work. "The turbine was meant to cover up to 25 per cent of the school's energy costs. "If it's not working that means that we are paying more than was planned to cover the cost of energy."
16 Sep 2011

Cashback as storms knock wind out of turbine sails

But windfarm owners are likely to be in gales of laughter as they await a huge compensation cheque that could give them a windfall running into the millions. They could be eligible for a “constraint” payment from the National Grid to compensate them for loss of earnings during the storm.
15 Sep 2011

A very English revolution

Nobody wants the application to go through, other than the German energy firm. So, the whole village, with the exception of the one farmer on whose land the turbines were to be built, voted at the council meeting at which the turbines were discussed; 100 per cent voted against. Yet the uncertainty remains.
13 Sep 2011

Winds of change blow out turbine plan

People power has produced a remarkable U-turn by Northumberland County Council. There was such a public uproar when the Council granted itself conditional planning permission for a wind turbine next to Haydon Bridge High School that the county has now withdrawn the application.
12 Sep 2011

Eisenhowers defeat wind farm proposal

News of the wind farm proposals made the former president's granddaughter join a chorus of disapproval. Susan Eisenhower, head of Washington's Eisenhower Institute, authority on foreign policy and security issues, said: "There are many places where wind farms can be built, but there is only one Culzean Castle with its magnificent sweep of views."
11 Sep 2011

Wind turbines causing turbulence

"A major worry was the manner in which developers appeared to be working in a way designed to reduce public discussion to a minimum. Examples were given of legally required public ‘exhibitions' of proposals held with poor publicity and at times when the bulk of the population were at work. In other cases projects were given names unfamiliar to residents.
10 Sep 2011

Concerns over wind farm plan

The war of words has continued between residents and the company planning to build 15 wind turbines near Stoke Goldington and Hanslope. Residents have formed the group ‘Save Our Salcey ‘ to promote their fight against Ecotricity - the firm which has submitted plans to Milton Keynes Council to build the turbines nearby.
25 Aug 2011

Wind turbine firm Clipper halts North East investment

But the American parent company United Technologies has mothballed the project and handed funding back, as it looks to reconsider plans for the offshore turbines and focus instead on the production of smaller onshore models. Clipper was picked by Crown Estates to lead the way in producing the thousands of turbines to be placed 100 miles out to sea at Dogger Bank.
24 Aug 2011

Planning problems force wind turbine project to be scaled down

The move into renewable energy generation has proved a frustrating time for one north Devon farmer. Georg van den Berg grows blueberries and manages 12,000 organic laying hens at Burrington. More than two years ago he started trying to get planning permission for a large 2 MW wind turbine, but had now only just achieved permission for a much scaled-down 55 kW turbine.
23 Aug 2011

Wooperton wind turbine faces mounting opposition

The application on behalf of Harehope Estate owner John Wrangham for a 77.9m turbine west of New Bewick Farm, Wooperton, has stirred growing protests. And yesterday, the National Park Authority's development management committee added its voice to the objections.
18 Aug 2011

Public inquiry into controversial wind farm opens today

Broadview Energy Developments launched an appeal against the refusal of its plan to build four 410ft wind turbines at Kimbolton. The scheme was rejected by the district council on the grounds that it contravened local and national planning policies and damaged the cultural heritage of the area.
16 Aug 2011
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