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Council objects to turbine plan

Belper Town Council has decided to object to proposals for the town's first wind turbine. Cllr Deborah Biss said she had been approached by a number of residents living close to the proposed development who are worried about the turbine's height as well as the noise.
20 Jun 2007

16 turbines approved for mountain

Plans for 16 wind turbines on land near Ammanford have been given the go-ahead by councillors in Carmarthenshire. More than 500 people along with neighbouring councils objected to the windfarm on Betws mountain, claiming it would spoil the countryside. But when councillors visited the site on Tuesday they were also met by campaigners backing the development.
19 Jun 2007

Results of Berwick wind farm study published

The results of an independent study into wind farm development in the south and west of Berwick-upon-Tweed area of Northumberland have been published, with the findings stating that the area can potentially accommodate up to 30 to 40MW of wind energy development, which equates to approximately 10 to 15 turbines.
19 Jun 2007

Council at loggerheads oveer mountain site for massive wind farm development scheme

Swansea Council is fighting controversial plans for a £16 million wind farm that would be visible for miles around on the mountain at Betws, near Ammanford. Carmarthenshire Council planning chiefs have recommended the plans for approval despite strong opposition. But Swansea Council has drawn attention to "the acknowledged adverse environmental impacts of the proposed development".
19 Jun 2007

Residents air their views on wind farms

Local residents were given the opportunity to air their views on windfarms at a public meeting at Stonehaven last night. The meeting was organised by Stonehaven and District Community Council in an effort to better understand public opinion on the controversial issue. Around 20 members of the public turned up and discussed turbines and renewable energy as a whole.
19 Jun 2007

Livingstone’s green office targets are doomed to fail, say property developers

The row has become public because a review of the renewable energy proposals began yesterday, giving all parties the final chance to lobby for changes to Mr Livingstone's plan. The debate centres on his wish for buildings to generate their own power through solar, wind and other renewables, and the developers' preferred plans to reduce energy usage. Developers insist that energy savings on new offices will be better achieved by efficient design, sharing excess heat with residential developments and increased use of automated systems to turn off lights and computers when not in use. They claim that wind turbines and solar panels are highly inefficient in the capital.
19 Jun 2007

Wales Public Official Comments on Wind Power

Many of us here in Wales, UK, have read the article on "Wind Turbines" in your paper on 14-6-07. It has been posted about by e mail. We in Wales UK are planning a national ANTI Wind Turbine demonstration on July 8th. This horrendous industry will never ever halt global climate change it will only enrich its developers via the obscene level of subsidies being paid in Europe. Are there such massive subsidies your side of the Atlantic?
19 Jun 2007

Wind farm plan for Suffolk village

DEVELOPERS hope to build a £6.6million wind farm in a rural Suffolk village, installing 130-metre tall turbines that will generate enough electricity to power thousands of homes. But the move has prompted concerns it will have a detrimental effect on Suffolk's natural landscape and unique beauty. It comes as Mid Suffolk District Council consults on an application for a 70-metre high wind monitoring mast at Wyverstone, near Stowmarket, to assess the site's suitability.
19 Jun 2007

Energy company eyes a new wind farm site

A WIND farm could be built near Linton, the News can reveal. Independent energy company Enertrag UK Ltd is exploring the possibility of putting eight turbines on land south west of the village. No planning application has been submitted yet, but the company has been looking at the site for nine to 12 months and has now asked South Cambridgeshire District Council to provide an opinion.
18 Jun 2007

Politicians split on wind farms

It not just residents near to potential wind farm developments who have strong feelings on the issue.Leading Neath Port Talbot politicians have also entered the debate. Aberavon AM Brian Gibbons has outlined his opposition to plans for wind farms in the Afan Valley. In a letter to the Evening Post, he said: "Like most people in Aberavon, I accept the need to promote renewable energy. Such projects however, must not be unduly intrusive or diminish the quality of life for host communities. "It is for this reason I have objected to wind farm proposals in the Upper Afan Valley."
16 Jun 2007

Wind farm arguments just won’t be blown away

Since the Assembly announced the favoured areas for large-scale wind farms in 2005, a vision of Neath Port Talbot's valleys dominated by huge turbines has become a step nearer reality. Or so objectors would have us believe. Supporters of wind farms claim the developments will pave the way for Wales to become a world leader in renewable energy. Objectors claim the turbines will intrude on their lives, affecting residents health and house prices.
16 Jun 2007

Turbines protesters launch campaign

Villagers angered by proposals to build wind turbines the size of the London Eye near Chedburgh have packed a public meeting. More than 60 protesters filled Hawkedon Village Hall on Friday to rally support for the campaign against the turbines, headed by Residents Against Chedburgh Turbines (RACT). Jo Pugh, of The Street, Shimpling, said: "These turbines would have a devastating effect on the area and would just destroy the landscape. "It is a ridiculous waste of money. These turbines are also badly inefficient because when the wind doesn't blow, they have to be powered by electricity."
15 Jun 2007

Company answers fear over wind farm

Suspicions that an £8million five-turbine wind farm on Nigg Hill could be the precursor to a much larger development are misplaced, it was claimed yesterday. West Coast Energy project manager Fraser McKenzie, acting on behalf of renewables specialist Faulk Energy, which is behind the latest Nigg scheme, was responding to concerns locally that it is merely a forerunner of larger applications that would follow approval.
15 Jun 2007

Wind farm plan sparks joint public meeting

A public meeting has been called to discuss plans to house a second wind farm on the outskirts of a North Devon village.British wind energy company Coronation Power is looking to site up to four turbines at Wheelers Cross, just over a mile east of Bradworthy, capable of generating power for thousands of homes. The turbines, if approved, could impact on the villages of Bradworthy, Sutcombe and Putford.
15 Jun 2007

Residents’ anger at wind turbine plan

Plans for a towering wind turbine at Methil docks have generated concerns among sections of the community. The turbine, which will measure two thirds of the height of the chimney at the nearby power station, is incorporated in proposals for a £3 million renewable energy development for the area.
15 Jun 2007

Windfarm gets go-ahead

Plans for a seven-turbine windfarm near Workington have been approved by Allerdale council. Winscales Moor Windfarm Ltd was granted permission to build the 81-metre high turbines at Benedict Plantation, Winscales, at a meeting on Tuesday. There are already 11 turbines next to the proposed location.
15 Jun 2007

Park supports wind checking farm mast plan

Two wind-monitoring masts on the site of proposed edge-of-Exmoor wind farms have been met with no objection from Exmoor National Park Authority (ENPA).But in giving the masts the green light, planners warned that wind farms would still raise strong objections. North Devon District Council has consulted with the planning authority on the erection of two temporary 60m masts - one at Luckett Moor, where a proposal has been made for five wind turbines and one at Western Bullaford Moor where six turbines have been proposed. The monitoring masts, or anemometers, would be put in place for two years, to measure wind speeds and help determine whether the sites would be viable for wind farms.
14 Jun 2007
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