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Enertrag pull out from Kinnettles windfarm project

A spokesman for Against Kinnettle Turbines (AKT) said: "The voice of the community was united with the clear message that the wrong site for a wind farm had been chosen so close to so many homes. "Also the beautiful landscape would have been destroyed by erecting giant turbines.
21 Oct 2011

Flurry of wind turbine proposals

October has seen a flurry of plans being submitted for the building of wind turbines in the Laurencekirk area. Planning applications for five separate turbine sites were lodged at the start of October, along with one in Stonehaven and two in the Netherley.
20 Oct 2011

'No stopping' wind turbine that will tower over area

"Sadly, I am not surprised that the application has gone in as the district council cannot refuse them due to their wind power special planning document, which is now enforced. "Once developers know about an area where there is wind farm potential, these individual turbines go up to fill in the gaps.
18 Oct 2011

Rumour sparks panic in renewables market

Concerned landowners and farmers inundated renewable specialist gfw-Renewables with phone calls last month, after the announcement that Scottish wind turbine manufacturer Proven Energy was ‘teetering on the brink of financial collapse'.
8 Oct 2011

Delay in plans for wind turbines near Salcey Forest

An application to build a wind farm next to a beauty spot has been halted by the council, as it seeks more information on the environmental impact on the area. Ecotricity's application for 15 wind turbines at Stoke Lodge Farm, less than two miles from Salcey Forest, was due to be considered by Milton Keynes Council on Monday.
6 Oct 2011

Eco-friendly school left out of pocket after 'unproven' wind turbine breaks

But soon after being installed the wind turbine became faulty and after a few months seized up - showering the school's playing field with debris. Since then the school has been locked in a battle with suppliers Proven Energy which has now gone into administration leaving the school with little hope of any money being returned - and a pile of scrap in their field.
5 Oct 2011

Meeting over Mynydd y Betws wind farm road safety

People living near the site of the proposed wind farm are warning their lives could be at risk because of the building work. People living near a new wind farm say they fear the main road serving it will not be able to cope with large lorries needed during construction.
3 Oct 2011

Wind farms will put ferry routes ‘at risk'

The large area called Wind Farm is the site Centrica plans to develop, and will become off limits to Irish Sea operators. The proposed extension to the Walney wind farm, also outlined, will create a narrow channel for the Steam Packet, and other ferry operators to navigate.
3 Oct 2011

Storm of protest over Loch Lomond wind farm plans

“There is likely to be a significant cumulative impact from the operational impact of the 20 turbines proposed when added to the impact of the turbines at Braes of Doune and those schemes proposed and constructed within the Carron Valley area and at Merkins, West Dunbartonshire.”
3 Oct 2011

Committee throws out wind turbine proposal

Council planners have refused a controversial application to build two 130m high wind turbines in a quiet Mid Suffolk village. Plans for two wind turbines and a substation at Potash Farm, in Wyverstone, were submitted to planning officials at Mid Suffolk District Council (MSDC) last year.
26 Sep 2011

Anger over wind farm plan

Windbyte, which tracks wind farm development in north Northumberland and the Borders, said the scheme raised serious issues of cumulative impact when taken with the wind farms approved elsewhere. "This proposal is an absolute shocker," said a Windbyte spokesman.
26 Sep 2011

MPs call on energy firms to end wind farm 'gold rush'

​East Yorkshire MP Mr Knight said: "I say 'no more wind farms in East Yorkshire'. These monstrosities are not saving the planet - they are trashing our countryside." Fellow MP Graham Stuart describes the turbine race as a "gold rush" and says no more communities should have turbines forced on them.
23 Sep 2011

Fears national park could be encircled by wind farms

Mr Gibson said: "If approved, Allt Duine, together with other proposed wind farm developments in the Monadhliath will have a major visual impact in an area adjacent to the Cairngorms National Park and be in clear line of sight from many of Scotland's iconic mountains."
19 Sep 2011

Wind farm paid £1.2 million to produce no electricity

The amount is ten times greater than the wind farm's owners would have received had they actually generated any electricity. The disclosure ...prompting calls last night for an official investigation into the payments system. ...Crystal Rig's owners asked for £999 per megawatt hour of energy they would have produced had they been switched on. Incredibly, the figure Crystal Rig had bid was accepted by the National Grid.
18 Sep 2011
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