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SNH warning over new wind farms

WIND-FARM developers are mainly avoiding sites that would have a significant impact on fragile landscapes and wildlife, according to a report by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). But the environmental agency yesterday warned that the aim of avoiding potential conflicts between renewable-energy developments and heritage-sensitive sites will become more difficult to achieve in the drive to reach the Scottish Executive's target of producing 40 per cent of the country's energy needs from renewable sources by 2020.
3 Aug 2006

Sad but true: It's all thumbs down for the UK energy review

"The UK now faces a 20 gigawatt power shortage by 2016. The review fails to ensure that we secure a reliable supply for the next 10 years; fails to halt the threat of power cuts; fails to encourage coal plants to reduce emissions with clean coal technology and fails to give a decision for incentives for carbon capture," said a spokesman for Mitsui Babcock, Britain's leading clean coal group. "It is worrying to see government taking a fingers-crossed approach before the first of the planned nuclear plants become operational in 2019."
21 Jul 2006

And, finally, there was heat and light

There is also the need to overcome outdated perceptions about different forms of energy, such as “coal is dirty”, “nuclear power is unsafe” and wind and wave can “save the world” (without doing any environmental damage). These perceptions are political bunkum, and it is depressing to see the Liberal Democrats, and even the Conservatives, pandering to such misinformation for cheap gain. Expect to hear lots of nonsense about Chernobyl, a nuclear plant that would never have seen the light of day in the West, even at that time.
13 Jul 2006

Nuclear Power in Britain's Energy Future

Prime Minister Tony Blair says atomic power will allow Britain to go green, arguing the country can make cuts in its emissions of the pollutants blamed for climate change if it moves away from fossil fuels and includes nuclear power plants in energy plans the next 30-40 years.
12 Jul 2006

Nuclear Gets Nod Over Wind Turbines

The Government's long-awaited energy review will open the way to an estimated six new nuclear power stations by 2020. Power from "renewable sources" such as wind, solar and tidal will increase from the current four per cent to nearer 20 per cent. But the review will dismiss green hopes of a mini-wind generator on every house in the UK.
11 Jul 2006
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