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Wind farm noise does harm sleep and health, say scientists

Unlike other forms of variable noise, however, such as railways and aircraft, it [turbine noise] can continue for very long periods at a time. The nature of the noise - a rhythmic beating or swooshing of the blades - is also disturbing. UK noise limits permit turbines to be built so close to houses that sleep impacts and associated health effects are almost inevitable.
3 Mar 2013

Will we be wind turbine ‘guinea pigs' in Leven?

"This is a giant experiment and without an enforceable noise condition Methil residents are being sacrificed as guinea pigs." Korean giant Samsung Heavy Industries will build the three-bladed 7MW test turbine 48 metres into the Firth of Forth, at 196 metres high.
24 Jan 2013

Resident complains of windmill headache

Guy Glencross hates the sight and sound of his new ‘neighbour' - a 20-metre wind turbine, 90 metres from the front door of his rural Co Tyrone home. Night and day, he claims, the two-blade "monstrosity" assails his ears and eyes - and those of his partner Julie - so much so that they moved from their former front bedroom to the smaller one at the back when the turbine was erected in September.
24 Nov 2012

Wind farm noise ‘exceeds' acceptable levels

Although the full results from a measurement exercise are not expected until Friday, preliminary findings indicate that noise levels from some turbines are slightly above the limits set within the planning consent, in certain wind conditions.
25 Sep 2012

School in Wotton forced to take down turbine after being given noise abatement notice

The school had been warned when it was granted planning permission in 2009 that if noise were to become an issue the turbine may have to be decommissioned. Specialist engineers had worked with the school over a period of about eight months to try to reduce noise, but modifying the blade tips and even shortening the blades themselves had little effect.
6 Sep 2012

Wind turbine noise impact assessment: Where ETSU is silent

Where_etsu_is_silent__cox__unwin__sherman_10_july_2012_thumb This important document critiques the ETSU-R-97 environmental assessment of noise from wind turbines in the United Kingdom. The ETSU-R-97 was written by a Noise Working Group (NWG) set up in 1995 by the Department of Trade and Industry through ETSU (the Energy Technology Support Unit). The noise policy is still in effect today and followed by wind developers outside of the United Kingdom.
10 Jul 2012

Wind Turbine Noise, Sleep and health July 2012

Hanning_wind_turbine_noise_sleep_and_health_report_jul_12_thumb This brief filed by sleep expert, Dr. Christopher Hanning, reviews the potential consequences of wind turbine noise and, in particular, its effect on sleep and health and to make recommendations with regard to minimum setback distances. Dr. Hanning considers whether, in the absence of new national guidance should there be minimum or recommended separation distances between commercial scale wind developments and residential properties and other sensitive developments?”
1 Jul 2012

Mass DEP recommends shut down of wind turbine

The study released Tuesday by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection shows that the Wind One industrial turbine in the Cape Cod town of Falmouth produces noise louder than the state allows. The report marks the first time the state has recommended a shut-off of a wind turbine.
17 May 2012

Noise monitors increased at turbine site after complaints

North Devon Council has received more than 20 complaints from residents living around Fullabrook wind farm, between Barnstaple and Ilfracombe. It is operational, but noise monitoring cannot be carried out until the wind farm is officially commissioned. That was supposed to happen in October, but has been repeatedly delayed.
25 Jan 2012

Delay at wind farm is 'causing us misery'

Nick Williams said he and other residents were suffering increased stress levels because of delays in officially commissioning the site. The delay meant that complaints about the noise could not be officially investigated. Until the wind farm is officially commissioned, the environmental health team at North Devon Council said it was not legally allowed to carry out noise checks.
12 Jan 2012

Wind farm noise nuisance couple speak of relief

"This has been worse than fighting cancer," said Jane. "With cancer, all of the professionals are on your side and in the first year of this, in 2006/07, we felt we were up against a brick wall. In 2007 a noise report came out and it said the problems we were having did exist.
6 Dec 2011
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