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Guidelines ‘will protect birds from wind turbines'

Scottish scientists are calling for national guidelines to help protect bats and birds from mini wind turbines on homes. Researchers at the University of Stirling Research found widespread variation in how councils handle planning applications, with some routinely asking for ecological surveys, while others rarely did so.
6 Nov 2012

Environmentalists link whale beachings to offshore windfarm sonar

Seismic surveys could be disorientating the whales and driving them to their deaths on the beaches of Fife and Angus, Scotland, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society said. A number of vessels have been carrying out the high-tech scans in the Firth of Forth and North Sea in recent weeks. Seventeen pilot whales died after a mass beaching in the East Neuk of Fife earlier this month.
18 Sep 2012

Wind farm scrapped over fears for birds

The energy department said a decision on Docking Shoal had taken a long time because it was a "complex and sensitive case" but new planning legislation would up the process in the future. The agreement over the two other projects came as the government wrestles with whether to reduce short-term subsidies to wind farms both offshore and onshore.
6 Jul 2012
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