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UK electricity prices almost twice as expensive as Germany within three years

Electricity prices in Britain may be almost double those in Germany within three years due largely to the impact of a new tax aimed at supporting renewable power generation, a report by bank Credit Suisse has claimed. The Credit-Suisse figures show that in the winter of 2016/17 UK power prices will trade at an 85pc premium to German equivalents, compared with a 25pc divergence currently.
20 Jun 2013

Britain's no-energy bill

The government and its cheerleaders wrap the drive to zero CO2 emissions in the language of growth, jobs, investment and innovation. ...and claims the energy bill will create 250,000 jobs. Even if that is achievable, it's the product of the single-entry bookkeeping so common in political green-energy projections. You can create any number of jobs putting up subsidized windmills or installing solar panels. But if in the process you drive up energy costs or taxes throughout the economy, you're bound to destroy more work than you create.
4 Jun 2013

Folly of the wind farm compensation loophole

It is now evident there has been a failure to prepare for this additional supply from new areas by providing extra capacity on the grid. The constraint periods are becoming longer and the payments larger, undermining the progress from fossil fuels towards green energy. Wind farm operators in Scotland have received almost £6 million in payments to stop producing electricity over 33 days between mid-April and mid-May.
25 May 2013

£1m for wind farms to shut turbines for one day

Power companies operating wind farms in Scotland were paid more than £1 million to shut down their turbines for a single day last month, Scotland on Sunday can reveal. ...The so-called "constraint payments" are paid by the National Grid to energy companies when energy supply outstrips demand - turbines are switched off so they stop producing electricity to rebalance the system.
5 May 2013

Costly renewable energy 'will damage UK's economy'

A cross-industry group called the Powerline is to launch a scathing attack on the Bill, due to be given Royal Assent later this year, through advertising and social media. The business leaders are furious at what they see as the energy Bill's over-reliance on costly renewable energy at the expensive of traditional and lower-cost energy sources such as coal-fired and gas power stations.
1 Apr 2013

£286 green tax on energy bills: But ministers insist 'efficient appliances' will save us money

Energy Secretary insisted households will be better off due to initiatives but families will only benefit if they buy more efficient domestic appliances. Average bill is now £1,267 with £112 of that amount going on green taxes. By 2020 green taxes will have risen by over 150 per cent - £286 per family. Charity said government 'embarrassed by terrifying cost of green policies'. Claimed it is 'covering up' with a 'whitewash of wildly optimistic assumptions'.
27 Mar 2013

Tourists will be surveyed over turbines

At the pre-inquiry a spokesperson for Welshpool Town Council will argue that ‘public opinion' should be taken into account, as this is not the case as things stand at present. The Mayor of Welshpool, Cllr John Meredith, said: "With such strong public feelings surrounding the proposals, surely it cannot be ignored?"
25 Jan 2013

Tourist sector is paying the price for misguided promotion of wind farms

Official figures have revealed a catastrophic decline in Scottish tourism last year ...VisitScotland chairman Mike Cantlay has blamed the poor weather. Since when do tourists come to Scotland for the weather? ...This is the same tourism chief who claimed a few weeks ago that giant industrial wind turbines which now scar some of our most beautiful hills and glens are not a deterrent to tourists.
12 Jan 2013

Failing turbines to force up power bills

Scots are set to be hit with a multi-million-pound bill for ­hundreds of new wind turbines as experts warn that most will need to be replaced after only half their predicted lifespan. It is claimed household bills will rocket as energy firms prepare to renew two-thirds of the country's 188 wind farms by the end of the decade.
7 Jan 2013

Two billion pound Rampion wind farm plans to go before the government's Planning Inspectorate

Set eight miles off the coast of Shoreham, it would form a landmark feature visible between Worthing and Brighton, with plans for between 150-195 turbines at the core of its design. According to the firm, the key to its proposals lie in utilising new technology which would enable turbines to be active more than 90 per cent of the time.
27 Dec 2012

VisitScotland admits wind farms could harm tourism

VisitScotland's position emerged as a planning inquiry gets under way today into the Allt Duine wind farm, which would see 31 turbines built half-a-mile from the boundary of Cairngorms National Park. The intervention by the agency into the Lockerbie proposal comes days after Alex Salmond claimed wind farms "enhance our appeal as a country".
22 Oct 2012
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