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Wind power poll raises suspicions

This result was in stark contrast to very recent polls by Friends of the Earth Scotland and WWF Scotland which claimed overwhelming support in Scotland for such renewable developments. It has now come to light that WWF Scotland and FoE Scotland and even the RSPB have been in receipt of substantial sums from the wind industry.
6 May 2012

The public has bought the myths of the vast wind energy industry

The enemy of good policy and fairness, in this case, is boredom. A vast and powerful industry has, with a certain cool daring, presented itself as if it were some sort of warm-hearted green charity, and has characterised anyone with reservations over individual sites as self-interested. The media and the public have, on the whole, bought it.
2 May 2012

Wind farm action groups throw down gauntlet to candidates

"Almost one in 10 adults in the Borders works in a job related to tourism and UK visitors to our unspoilt countryside boost the local economy by £70million annually. So jobs and the economy will be at risk if tourism starts to fall so it is important all candidates are aware of the facts and strength of feeling about wind energy as well as key planning issues affecting developments in the countryside."
29 Apr 2012

Green isle forced to revert to diesel

An all-night black-out has had to be brought into force for the 22 homes on the isolated Shetland community, because of problems in the island's £1.5 million hydro and solar power schemes. Foula's three wind turbines have been out of action since Christmas, when 100mph winds damaged the blades ...Now islanders are back to relying on costly diesel generator until the faults can be rectified.
28 Apr 2012

David Cameron says wind energy must get cheaper

Households are currently paying record high fuel bills due to fossil fuel prices and ‘green taxes'. Every energy company is obliged to generate a certain amount of electricity from ‘green' sources like wind and the extra cost of this is passed onto consumers.
27 Apr 2012

Tide turns in favour of wave power instead of wind farms

Voters in Scotland appear to be turning away from wind farms, a new survey has shown, in a blow to the Scottish Government's renewable ambitions. A poll carried out for Friends of the Earth has revealed that just 18 per cent of people north of the Border put wind power as their first choice for future energy supply.
25 Apr 2012

World's biggest wind farm planned for off south coast of England

The planned wind farm, which is three to four times bigger than any previously built, is expected to earn its Dutch owners Eneco more than a quarter of a billion pounds a year in subsidies alone. The scheme has already attracted widespread criticism with opponents claiming it will ruin coastal views for generations to come.
8 Apr 2012

Residents celebrate as turbines plan rejected

People who feared they would become surrounded by wind farms are celebrating after plans for turbines were refused. Energy firm Wind Prospect wanted to build three 110- metre turbines at Foxton,County Durham - not far from land where controversial plans for what could be the country's biggest wind farm have been put forward.
26 Mar 2012

£22m windfarm plan near to collapse

Controversial plans for a £22 million windfarm between Worthen and Minsterley are on the brink of collapse after plans for a test mast at the site were withdrawn, it was revealed today. EDF Energy Renewables had submitted a planning application for a 230ft high test mast to measure the viability of the site as a windfarm.
23 Mar 2012

Wind farms pose risk to coastline, officials warn

In a review of European Union regulations to protect birds and animals, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs found that the UK is not imposing sufficiently strong protections around the coast. In Germany, wind farm operators are forced to do a thorough environmental assessment before building but Britain is far more relaxed, the review found.
23 Mar 2012

‘Noise nuisance' farmhouse is sold

The sale of the property at Grays Farm, on North Drove Bank, Spalding, has been revealed in Land Registry documents more than three months after a secret settlement was reached in the case. The new owners have been registered as Fenland Windfarms Ltd - one of the parties that was being sued by Jane and Julian Davis as part of the proceedings.
16 Mar 2012

Illegal towering wind turbine to be removed

A £1.3 million wind turbine which was illegally installed last year is facing removal after councillors voted for enforcement action. The 250ft (76m) structure at Callywith Farm at Bodmin in North Cornwall, was put in place last November, despite a stop notice issued by the local authority after it had earlier refused permission.
10 Mar 2012

Plans for new wind farm access ‘add insult to injury'

Villagers are furious over a developer's plans to change the construction access to a new wind farm, just months after the route was agreed at a public inquiry. Campaigners in Spaldington - population 130 - spent two and a half years and nearly £80,000 fighting two wind farm applications - one of which got the go-ahead on appeal last October.
9 Mar 2012
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