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More melt down in wind ‘industry’ as global giant Vestas hits serious debt burden

Serious investors in a serious industry are there for the long haul. These are fly-by-night carpetbaggers, grabbing and running in an ‘industry' thrashed into existence simply because the subsidies were there; and governments were desperate to achieve carbon emission targets. Now, in harder economic times ...both available subsidies and potential demand are shrinking.
2 Jul 2012

Monks selling retreat at Ae forest

Buddhist monks are selling their spiritual retreat in the forest of Ae because they can't live near a windfarm. Scottish Power, which has lodged plans to extend the Harestanes development with a further 19 turbines, said it was close to finalising a buy-out deal with the Tharpaland monks. Concerned monks submitted evidence ...claiming they suffered serious side effects when they were praying within five miles of a windfarm.
29 Jun 2012

Vestas ends plans for UK offshore wind plant in Sheerness

With its own deployment plans slowing, Vestas is likely to have been unwilling to continue paying to retain first call on the facility for an extended period. It received local planning approval for the proposed plant in May this year. ...The company has always said that a final decision on the factory would be dependent on receiving firm and unconditional orders for its turbine.
22 Jun 2012

Community council accuse Corsbie wind farm developer of blatant lie

"Unfortunately it didn't arrive with me, nor did any email notification, to advise of the information sessions that you held on May 14 and 15, so none of us had any opportunity of attending. Regrettably you also didn't attend to present at our last community council meeting despite insisting that you should come. Your leaflet appears to contain a blatant error."
21 Jun 2012

Viking Energy to face legal challenge

Shetland's plans for a major wind farm could face a further setback after opponents announced their intention to lodge a legal challenge ...The move comes as Shetland Charitable Trust, 45 per cent shareholders in the wind farm, prepare for their third attempt at agreeing the next stage in funding controversial project.
21 Jun 2012

Anglesey against wind turbines protest at Llanddona

"We feel no-one is listening to us," she said. "It's not just people from Llanddona here today, it's people from all over the island, Gwynedd and even beyond." Ms Hughes questioned the efficiency of wind turbines. She said they changed the landscape and would create job losses, rather than job gains, as they spoilt an area for tourism.
18 Jun 2012

Subsidies for onshore wind farms 'to be axed by 2020'

Increased electricity costs because of all subsidies paid to all renewable sources of energy have pushed 100,000 families into fuel poverty, defined as the need to spend more than 10 per cent of household income to maintain a satisfactory heating regime. Wind power payments are estimated to account for about half of these.
16 Jun 2012

Plans for Kirkbride wind turbine thrown out by council

Allerdale councillors have turned down plans to build a 112ft high wind turbine at Kirkbride near Wigton. The application, from the owners of GW Rudd Motor Engineering, was rejected after council officers said its visual effect for some local residents would have been "oppressive and harmful".
14 Jun 2012

Wind turbine test delivery near Berwick is aborted

A wind farm developer carried out a turbine blade delivery test at a site near Berwick, but the long delivery vehicle spent 30 minutes trying to negotiate a sharp bend on a country road ...the mission was aborted after the vehicle could not negotiate another junction.
12 Jun 2012

Britain blows hot and cold on wind farms

But the industry has been arrogant, overbearing, greedy and bullying. It has often ridden roughshod over local communities and has mopped up the financial gains, giving little back. No wonder that, while wind power remains broadly supported, the industry is increasingly hated by those who have come into contact with it.
9 Jun 2012

Turbine plans halted by airport objections

A businessman has called time on his bid to build a wind turbine to power his home after hundreds of objections. Ted Clayton said an objection from Blackpool International Airport to the proposed 25-metre turbine on Flag Lane, Penwortham was too much to get past planners at South Ribble Council.
3 Jun 2012

Energy firm Vattenfall condemns wind farm protesters

In its report, Vattenfall described an inadequately resourced planning system, adding: "Unfortunately, there are too many examples of decision-makers across Scotland being swayed by a tiny vocal minority, thus denying a majority who support a proposal any influence in the planning system."
2 Jun 2012

£3bn wind farm plan for Welsh coast is scaled back

Plans for a giant £3bn wind farm visible from the South Wales coast have been scaled back, the developers announced today. RWE npower renewables held a public consultation discussing their proposed wind farm - originally the size of the Isle of Wight - and agreed to reduce the number of turbines in the Bristol Channel from 417 to 278.
30 May 2012

The day villagers blew wind turbines away

But the local planning inspector kicked out the bid, saying: ‘The development would result in material harm to the character and appearance of the area because of its scale and location and the cumulative impacts of other similar developments.’ The inspector said the existing wind farms were ‘visually prominent in this simple, attractive, tranquil landscape with its scattered villages and farmsteads’.
29 May 2012

Lewis wind farm plans threaten golden eagles, RSPB says

RSPB Scotland spokesman Stuart Benn said the development could have a devastating effect on birds of prey. He said: "We are seriously alarmed. "Although not yet built, consent has already been granted for 39 wind turbines which we strongly opposed. This extension would make things even worse."
24 May 2012
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