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Cheering as wind farm is rejected

The council's planning officers had recommended the plans be approved as "it is considered that benefits of electricity generation outweigh any harm." However, after a three-hour debate, councillors voted against the plans - a decision which was greeted by cheers and applause.
28 Jul 2012

Politician comes to see impact of wind farms

Coun Glen Sanderson, deputy leader of Northumberland Conservatives, said: "Northumberland Conservatives believe that our own county council must listen to residents and do more to stem the tide of speculative and inappropriate wind turbine applications.
26 Jul 2012

Anger as farmer puts up turbines

South Holland District Council had granted planning permission for two 36m high turbines at Bank House Farm, Slipe Drove, in May, but residents living nearby have been left fuming after it appeared the structures put up last week did not comply with the planning application.
26 Jul 2012

AM calls for wind turbine rules review

She said later: "Poor legislation and law will never serve us well, and I believe that the general consensus is that the current Welsh laws around planning for wind power are not fit for purpose, are too subjective and leave a bad taste in most people's mouths.
22 Jul 2012

Creetown windfarm plans ditched

The plug has been pulled on a major windfarm development in the Stewartry. In a “refreshing change”, Swedish company Vattenfall bowed to massive concerns and backed off the proposals for Blackmyre Moor near Creetown.
19 Jul 2012

Appeal over Newburgh turbine refusal is rejected

The Earl of Dundee has failed in a renewed bid to erect two wind turbines on farmland near Newburgh. He had appealed against an earlier decision to turn down two separate applications for 40m turbines at East Flisk Farm - but his appeal was thrown out by a Scottish Government reporter who considered that they would form a ‘conspicuous and alien intrusion' in the area.
18 Jul 2012

Fenrother wind farm protest ends in legal threat

Energiekontor UK has sought legal advice and is considering whether to take further action after Dr James Lunn altered a poster which the company had produced to advertise a public exhibition of its controversial proposals. Dr Lunn is a leading member of a local action group set up to fight the plans to put up five turbines.
17 Jul 2012

Wind farm subsidies to top £1bn this year

The cost of subsidies for wind farms is expected to top a billion pounds this year for the first time. The disclosure comes ahead of a long-awaited government announcement to cut the size of the subsidy, which benefits the big energy companies but is added on to household electricity bills.
15 Jul 2012

George Osborne in standoff over coalition's green energy plans

The Treasury is likely to face strong criticism for standing in the way of the legislative process and failing to address the concerns of potential investors in clean energy, who say that flaws in the legislation, as currently drafted, will endanger the quest for cleaner energy at affordable prices.
14 Jul 2012

Proposals submitted for giant wind farm off Isle of Man

Initial plans have been submitted for a huge wind farm with up to 440 turbines between Anglesey and the Isle of Man. A joint venture between Centrica and a Danish energy company could see the country's largest wind farm erected in the Irish Sea. It would feature between 147 and 440 wind turbines, and generate up to 2.2 gigawatts.
14 Jul 2012

MP shocked by wind turbine ‘bribe' claims

"I have made a specific point and raised it in Parliament about the bullying tactics of these companies," he said. "We've seen appalling behaviour by the banks and now it seems the energy sector through these alleged claims is in a similar position." Mr Smith added he believed there would be a vast reduction in the number of applications for wind farms if the subsidies were reduced and called on anyone with complaints about the companies to get in touch.
13 Jul 2012

Carlton Colville turbine plan set for refusal

In a planning report to be presented at Tuesday night's meeting, council planning officers say the plan should be rejected as it provides "insufficient information on visual impact and impact on wildlife" in the submission. There are also concerns over the lack of information about noise and ‘shadow flicker' from the proposed turbine.
11 Jul 2012

Wind farm noise nuisance couple speak of relief

"Making plans" is what Jane and Julian Davis are most looking forward to after their five-year wind turbine legal battle came to an end last week. The couple reached a secret settlement in their High Court case, which they launched after claiming the wind farm at Deeping St Nicholas drove them out of their nearby home.
11 Jul 2012

MPs back Hunts wind farm opponents at two sites

“We are also concerned about noise and health issues, which have not been fully explained. I don’t particularly want to be a guinea pig.” Ms Wood believes the spate of wind farm applications for the A14 corridor – which operators concede is a low wind-speed area – is an attempt to beat a reduction in the level of government subsidy for renewable generation.
9 Jul 2012

Milton Keynes Council faces legal fees threat over wind turbine ruling

Milton Keynes is one of the first councils in the country to impose a ban on massive turbines being built less than 1.2 kilometres away from housing. RWE bosses, who want to put 17 wind turbines on two different local sites, claim the ban is unlawful and contrary to the Government's national policy to produce green energy whenever possible.
3 Jul 2012
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