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The winds of change are blowing: so what next?

Wind power is clearly not the answer to fuel poverty and in Scotland the use of nuclear power has been ruled out. Solar, wave, tidal, shale gas, thorium and biofuels are either as useless as wind or need a significant amount of development to become commercially viable alternatives. The carbon-free utopia will have to wait. Finding the right energy mix will take time.
12 Sep 2012

More wind power needs better forecasting

"The main challenge associated with wind power is its variability; wind power output is highly dependent on weather conditions and carries a high degree of uncertainty ...As the volume of wind power capacity increases, so will the effect of wind variability and hence the accuracy of the wind power forecasts will become more important."
10 Sep 2012

John Hayes replaces Charles Hendry as energy minister

Number 10 confirms popular energy minister to be replaced by John Hayes, despite MP's past opposition to wind energy ...He was quoted by the BBC in 2009 as saying, "renewable energy needs to pass the twin tests of environmental and economic sustainability and wind power fails on both counts".
6 Sep 2012

Revised wind farm rejected

E.On had wanted to build 21 turbines at Corsbie Moor near Westruther in Berwickshire. However, that number was cut to 12 and further reduced to nine after the company "considered all the views from the local community".
5 Sep 2012

Call for wind farm policy has merit

It's difficult to avoid the conclusion that at present there is no policy, with literally hundreds of applications in the pipeline and turbines appearing here, there and everywhere. ...The rush to renewables should not, however, mean an easy ride for proposals which have a significant and potentially irreversible impact on other aspects of life.
31 Aug 2012

Support for solar power is waning

Solar is lower maintenance and more constant [than wind], and it is currently easier to find sites. But Mr Rowson predicted: "I think we'll see the tide change. Already, protest groups are getting pretty mobile and the goodwill towards PV applications on this scale will eventually run out.
10 Aug 2012

Turbines at Kessingland are labelled a noise nuisance

The battle over two controversial wind turbines south of Lowestoft has taken a new twist after council officials branded one a "noise nuisance". An investigation by Waveney District Council's Environmental Health Team concluded that noise levels at one home in Whites Lane, Kessingland, two months ago was enough to make the turbine a statutory nuisance.
10 Aug 2012

Vestas in line for 'Trump row' offshore wind test site

If it receives final approval, EOWDC - which is the focus of a furious row between Trump and the Scottish government over its effect on views from his golf course - will allow wind equipment manufacturers to put their next-generation machines through their paces in Aberdeen Bay.
7 Aug 2012
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