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Wind farm restriction rejected due to national policy conflict

The Rural North, Oundle and Thrapston plan states that wind farms will only be acceptable under set criteria specifying that turbines must not subdue or disrupt the landscape. Applications would have to meet all the criteria to be successful. However, inspector John Mattocks vetoed the policy despite wide support because it fails to comply with national climate change and renewables guidance.
17 Jul 2009

People in the countryside told to accept 'many thousands' of new wind turbines

Ed Miliband, the Energy Secretary, announced yesterday that planning rules would be changed to make it easier for 6,000 onshore wind turbines to be built. Britain's "default position" would be to accept new onshore turbines, he said. The expansion in wind farms was included in the Government's Renewable Energy Strategy, which aims to cut energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, and reduce Britain's dependence on fossil fuels.
16 Jul 2009

Wind farm another blow to Borders

As if there are not enough already of these largely-ineffective and unsightly wind turbines in this region, the latest proposal is to build 20 to 30 more between Fountainhall and Oxton. The Borders is at risk of becoming the dumping ground for these monstrous eyesores and if people are concerned about preserving the natural beauty and landscape of the Borders, they have good cause to be worried by the threat of yet more turbines dominating the landscape.
16 Jul 2009

Wind Farms: the death of Britain

"How the hell did we let that happen?" we often ask ourselves when we look at the brutalist monstrosity tower blocks which we allowed to blight our towns in the sixties. In a few decades' time we're going to be asking exactly the same question about the 300 foot wind turbines ruining what's left of Britain's wilderness. And a bit like the perpetrators of terrible sixties architecture now, no one's going to be able to come up with a satisfactory answer because, quite simply, there isn't one: wind turbines are a bad idea in almost every way imaginable.
16 Jul 2009

Wind turbine plans are dismissed

Plans to build a wind farm near a Shropshire town have been refused following a public inquiry. Nuon UK's proposals for seven wind turbines up to 360ft (110m) high at Bearstone, near Market Drayton, were considered at a public inquiry in May. ...However, the Planning Inspectorate said the scheme would mean a "marked and unacceptable reduction" for nearby residential areas.
15 Jul 2009

Whisky giants to do battle with wind farm planners

The Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown will host a major public meeting in Moray against plans to site a wind farm in the heart of the whisky trail. ...Tourists have flocked to Moray's famous whisky trail for decades, but owners of the distillery fear visitor numbers could dry up if the plans for nearly 60 turbines get the go ahead on the nearby Glenfiddich estate which is owned by London financier Christopher Morran.
13 Jul 2009

Opposition to wind farms grows

A church in the Northamptonshire village of Crick will become ground zero for a giant wind farm. That is the claim of the anti-wind farm campaign group, Stop the Spin, which this week addressed a packed meeting in East Haddon to discuss fears about the proliferation of wind turbines in the county.
10 Jul 2009

CPRE forces Miliband to ‘clarify' countryside policy

The secretary of state for energy and climate change Ed Miliband has responded to a set of challenging questions on energy and the landscape from the Campaign to Protect Rural England. Among questions he has answered, Miliband clarified his controversial statement that it should "be socially unacceptable to be against wind turbines in your area - like not wearing a seatbelt or driving past a zebra crossing."
7 Jul 2009

Beauty spots could become wind farms

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) like the Lake District national park could be the sites of new energy infrastructure including wind farms, Ed Miliband has suggested. Asked if wind farms could be considered in AONBs, Mr Miliband said: "In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible for some limited development to take place without unacceptable impacts on these important sites."
6 Jul 2009

Thousands sign petition to stop £800m Shetland wind farm

The scale of public opposition to Europe's largest onshore wind farm proposed for the Shetland mainland has been underlined after about 70 campaigners handed in a petition of more than 3600 signatures demanding the plans be scrapped. ...The signatures, representing almost 20% of Shetland's population over the age of 12, were given to Shetland Island Council convenor Sandy Cluness.
2 Jul 2009

Anger over plans for windfarm on historic Owain Glyndwr battlefield

Campaigners objecting to a massive windfarm on a mountain where Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr staged a decisive battle will today stage a peaceful protest. More than 100 turbines, each 140m high, could go up on Mynydd Hyddgen. Developers Airtricity won an Assembly tender for the wind farm, at Nant-y-Moch in the Pumlumon hills above Machynlleth, straddling Powys and Ceredigion.
20 Jun 2009

Winds of change will blow through precious wildnerness and scenic areas

As National Wind Week draws to a close, we are all being asked to "embrace wind" and turn a blind eye to the real impact of poorly-regulated industrial expansion on some of Scotland's most wild and beautiful landscapes. British Wind Energy Association's (BWEA) claim that the minimum footprint of a turbine is as little as 25 square metres is a classic example of the marketing hype surrounding onshore wind energy.
18 Jun 2009

Wind turbine revolution is at the expense of natural beauty

Nobody ravages a landscape more devastatingly than an environmentalist. The crazed drive to promote wind farms has destroyed Scotland's natural beauty by peppering our rural wildernesses with Martian wind turbines - to no practical benefit. ...what we are actually doing, at a time of financial stringency, is creating two parallel energy systems, at more than double the necessary cost, to meet demented EU targets, while simultaneously destroying our landscape - in the name of environmentalism.
24 May 2009

Blimp shows turbine height

Campaigners fighting plans for a wind farm near the Naseby battlefield site say new proposals to move the turbines further east will make no difference to their visual impact for villagers. ...the latest plans place the turbines on lower ground further east, still south of the A14 but closer to Kelmarsh Hall. Eon says this will create less visual impact on the villages of Naseby and Haselbech.
14 May 2009
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