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Lifting of wind farm restrictions welcomed

Energy experts at Carter Jonas in Peterborough have welcomed the lifting of a policy restriction against wind farm development in and around Oundle and Thrapston and nearby rural locations. For some time now, the energy team specialists have been urging local authorities to accommodate national targets for renewable energy when it comes to local planning policies and to ensure that development is appropriate in terms of location and being sustainable.
2 Sep 2009

Fears voiced over impact wind turbines would have on coast

BT has submitted a report to North Devon Council about plans to build three giant wind turbines at Greater Shelfin Farm near Mullacott. ...The proposal has already met strong opposition. Bill Wilson, owner of Mullacott Cross Caravan Park , said: "It would be a huge blot on the landscape blocking views that people come from the city to see.
27 Aug 2009

Cheers as windfarm plan is rejected

Aberdeenshire councillors were cheered when they agreed to throw out plans for a windfarm on a scenically important hill between the Don and Dee valleys. The response came from campaigners opposed to a Welsh company's plans, attending a meeting at the Stewart's Hall in Huntly on Tuesday. Members of the Marr Area Committee accepted the view of their planners that the proposed wind turbines would have an unacceptable impact, on a sensitive site, close to the Cairngorms National Park.
19 Aug 2009

Planners side with objectors over windfarm

Nearly 600 letters of objection have been sent to Aberdeenshire Council calling for the refusal of plans for seven wind turbines on the ridge of Pressendye hill, near Cushnie. Council planners have agreed with objectors and recommended the proposal for refusal over fears that the 410ft turbines would have "unacceptable adverse visual impacts" on the surrounding countryside.
13 Aug 2009

Row over mansion 'ruined' by wind farm

It is a baroque masterpiece designed by one of the world's greatest architects and among the north of Scotland's biggest tourist attractions. Looming above are pieces of 21st-century engineering kit that rise to 330 feet above the skyline. Now, Scotland's cultural watchdog, Historic Scotland, has been accused of failing to protect the 18th-century Duff House from the effects of massive wind turbines.
9 Aug 2009

Misleading images, but you'll grow to like wind turbines says Minister

A wind farm company was 'counter-productive' in misleading people living in north Northumberland over the height of turbines planned near to their homes, the Government's energy minister has said. ...E.ON fell foul of the Advertising Standards Agency after promotional photomontages for the proposed West Ancroft installation showed turbines only 43 metres tall. Two complaints against the company were upheld, that the images were misleading and breached rules on truthfulness.
7 Aug 2009

Landmark report bounces wind farm plans and sets a precedent for scenic areas

Isle of Lewis is an area of outstanding beauty Conservation campaigners have welcomed a Scottish Parliament report that has slated plans for Lewis wind farm because it would destroy the scenic view. ...The Report - commissioned by Scottish Ministers - concluded: "Support for renewable energy development and the need to protect and enhance Scotland's natural and historic environment must be regarded as compatible goals.
7 Aug 2009

Wind farm threat to property prices

Householders living near to Aston Hall Farm between Aston and Burston say a proposal to install three turbines on the land by Severn Trent Water has already blighted property prices. Homeowner Rob Jackson, whose Enson Lane home is 520 metres away from the site of a proposed turbine, said the value of his house had dropped by between 20 and 30 per cent since he had it valued back in January. ..."It is devastating because planning authorities do not take property prices into consideration."
3 Aug 2009

Jonathan Dimbleby's turbine will ruin landscape I love, says woman, 90

It takes less than five minutes to walk from the church at one end of Moreleigh to the pub at the other but the small community living in the cottages in between have a range of opinions on whether Jonathan Dimbleby is welcome in their Devonshire village. To some, he is an arriviste whose plans to erect a wind turbine in his garden will spoil their view across the South Hams.
1 Aug 2009

A wind farm is not the answer

How would you imagine an environmentalist would react when presented with the following proposition? A power company plans to build a new development on a stretch of wild moorland. It will be nearly seven miles long, and consist of 150 structures, each made of steel and mounted on hundreds of tons of concrete. ...The answer is that if you are like many modern environmentalists you will support this project without question. You will dismiss anyone who opposes it as a nimby ...and campaign for thousands more.
31 Jul 2009

Wind farm may lead to 'industrial wasteland'

Campaigners have warned if the latest East Riding wind farm application is granted, it could set a precedent condemning the area as an 'industrial wasteland'. Renewable Energy Systems (RES) is seeking permission to build a nine-turbine wind farm near Roos but residents have objected. The application will be considered by East Riding Council's planning committee.
28 Jul 2009

'Wind farm may release more Co2 than it saves'

Critics of one of the largest wind farms planned for Scotland warn it may never save more Co2 than it releases from fragile peat bogs. ...[They] warn building the wind farm could release so much Co2 from damaged peat bogs that the scheme may never save a net amount of greenhouse gas emissions. An objection from RSPB Scotland yesterday followed another from the John Muir Trust earlier this week.
25 Jul 2009

Views of ancient stones saved after landowner's rethink on wind farm

A landowner has bowed to pressure from campaigners fighting plans for a wind farm they argued would damage views of one of Scotland's most iconic landmarks. The controversial proposals in Lewis would have damaged the view of the island's ancient Callanish Stones, according to those fighting the scheme. It would also have set a precedent, they argued, as the first wind farm built in a National Scenic Area in Scotland.
21 Jul 2009

Council launches windfarm document amid fears turbines could 'decimate skyline'

Selby District Council this week agreed to form a stringent wind farm framework in a bid to stop the area skyline being "decimated with turbines". Members of the authority's policy and resources committee voted on Tuesday night to spend £30,000 to employ experts to assess all wind farm applications. ..."We've currently got eight or nine applications coming in, and I don't think we want to have our whole skyline decimated with turbines."
17 Jul 2009

Wind farm restriction rejected due to national policy conflict

The Rural North, Oundle and Thrapston plan states that wind farms will only be acceptable under set criteria specifying that turbines must not subdue or disrupt the landscape. Applications would have to meet all the criteria to be successful. However, inspector John Mattocks vetoed the policy despite wide support because it fails to comply with national climate change and renewables guidance.
17 Jul 2009
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