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Newland wind farm access route row

Angry householders are demanding an explanation for what they claim is "appalling" treatment at the hands of developers building a 12-turbine wind farm at Newland. Work has been started on the site at Pease Farm and Rusholme Grange by developers Wind Prospect on behalf of the French power company EDF Energy Renewables.
4 Mar 2010

The climate changers: How wind turbines make their own clouds

They are billed as vast sentinels that will protect our world from climate change. But, at the same time, these wind turbines are creating a new little climate of their own. The 196ft structures whipped up the sea mist which blankets them in this photograph. The phenomenon is caused by the spinning 130ft blades which churn up the warm air at sea level and mix it with cooler air above at Scroby Sands, near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.
20 Feb 2010

Planning inspector agrees with Council that structure would be too ‘oppressive'

An appeal over plans for a £2 million 400ft wind turbine at Princes Soft Drinks in Bradford has been turned down. ...planning inspector Elizabeth Ord has dismissed the appeal based on information that the turbine would be ‘overbearing and oppressive' to a number of residents and that noise from the structure could at times lead to neighbours' sleep being disturbed.
13 Feb 2010

Planners urged to turn down hillside turbine plans

Campaigners are urging planners to follow their officers' advice and block the construction of a windfarm on a south Wales hillside. The Open Spaces Society welcomed the recommendation of Swansea officers to reject the application to build 19 wind turbines on Mynydd y Gwair Common. ..."If the wind turbines were to be built, a vast chunk of land would be taken out of the common and, although land would be given in exchange, it would inevitably be inferior.
21 Jan 2010

Wind farms could blight one in six beauty spots

Out of 89 sites given special protection due to the quality of their landscape, planning permission for turbines has been approved or sought at 14. Affected areas range from Cornwall and the Isle of Wight to the Lake District, the Outer Hebrides and the Shetland Islands. Campaigners claimed that the projects would spoil much-loved views and called for clearer rules on where wind farms can and cannot be built. In England, out of 35 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), four are the subject of a planning application for turbines.
16 Jan 2010

Councillors advised: reject wind farm

Councillors are being advised to turn down a contentious plan to build four wind turbines at Hemsby. A report to Tuesday's meeting of Great Yarmouth Borough Council's development control committee says the proposed SLP scheme for Ormesby Road would conflict with local plan policies because of its detrimental impact on important Broadland and coastal landscape.
13 Dec 2009

Firm loses Hempnall windfarm appeal

An energy firm hoping to build a windfarm on the edge of a Norfolk village yesterday lost an appeal bid aimed at overturning a decision to refuse the plans. Diss based Enertrag UK had hoped to overturn a planning decision by South Norfolk council which had refused permission for the firm to build seven 125m wind turbines at Hempnall last August. The plan had been turned down on the grounds it would have an impact on the character of the area.
9 Dec 2009

Wind farms: green boon or a blot on landscape?

Few construction projects could claim to have split public opinion so fiercely, but the growth of Scotland's wind farms will be inescapable during the coming decade. According to The Herald's calculations, the 1131 turbines already installed take up roughly 54 square km, or 0.06% of Scotland's area. ..."The Government's strategy has been transformed from an initial promise to reduce emissions, and generate energy through a mix of renewables, to one that is almost solely focused on heavily subsidised wind farms."
7 Dec 2009

Burnley windmills plan stirs new anger

Plans to build three more wind turbines above Burnley have been met with anger by local residents. ...And now those who are opposed are asking people with concerns to write to the power company. Peter Worden, who lives close to the wind farm, said: "The new turbines are going to be massive and will be right in front of our house blocking a big part of the view," he said.
1 Dec 2009

Parish council 'surprised' at lack of consultation over wind farm plan

'Surprise' has been expressed by the chairman of St Eval Parish Council after it wasn't consulted on plans for a new wind farm on its doorstep. Cornwall Light and Power announced in November its intention to erect wind turbines at land on Denzell Downs, between St Mawgan and St Eval. The turbines would sit in front of the existing 16-turbine Bear's Down wind farm - the South West's most powerful, generating 9.6mw.
1 Dec 2009

Wind farms blight landscape - Duke

One of the country's major landowners has launched an attack on wind farms, saying they blight beautiful scenery yet make "minimal contribution" to our energy needs. The Duke of Northumberland, owner of around 100,000 acres and with a family fortune of around £300m, said he had repeatedly turned down bids by the wind power industry to erect turbines on his land.
30 Nov 2009

Windfarm developer's ‘astounding' admission for Cumbria

The developer behind a four-turbine windfarm near Wigton has admitted it could have "major, long-term impact" on the local area. ...As part of the application, the firm has carried out an assessment of the impact the turbines would have on the local landscape, and made the admissions within that assessment. The impact of the turbines would extend for around 18 kilometres. But the biggest impact would be on Threapland itself.
27 Nov 2009

Geese will not be fans of giant turbine plans

Residents of a Lancashire village have expressed anger after plans to build two huge wind turbines were recommended for approval by planners. ...residents fear the devices will decimate the area's population of pink-footed geese, destroy the landscape and affect people's health because of noise and the 'shadow flicker' caused by the blades. Residents sent 632 letters of objection and Pilling Parish Council, Garstang Town Council and the RSPB also objected.
26 Nov 2009
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