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Consent for Donald Trump row wind farm announced

Dr Sam Gardner, senior climate change policy officer at WWF Scotland, said: "Giving the go-ahead to this offshore wind test centre is the right decision, demonstrating that no amount of bluster from US billionaires such as Donald Trump will hold Scotland back from becoming a cleaner, greener, job-creating nation."
26 Mar 2013

Green light for Trump row wind farm

Mr Trump threatened legal action to halt the wind test centre. "I built a masterpiece. I don't want to see it destroyed by windmills. Windmills are going to be the death of Scotland and even England if they don't do something about them. They are ruining the countryside," he said.
26 Mar 2013

Protest planned as 44,000 Scots object to windfarm applications

More than 44,000 Scots have objected to windfarm applications since 2008, according to Conservative Party estimations. Figures obtained from 23 of the country's 32 local authorities show around 34,000 objections were submitted, ranging from an estimated 9421 in Aberdeenshire, to two objections in East Dunbartonshire.
24 Mar 2013

Communities ‘bullied' over wind schemes

Julian Smith, MP for Ripon and Skipton, spoke of his worries about the "false economy" created by heavy subsidies for farms. "We are not being honest about the economics of wind farm investment. "The more I look into the economics of wind energy the more I am concerned."
21 Mar 2013

Wind Farm: Conservationists win court appeal

Leading conservationists have won a High Court battle against plans for a wind farm on land owned by the Queen's cousin. The conservationists had warned that if it went ahead it would have resulted in substantial harm to a heritage area "of national significance".
9 Mar 2013

Applause as plans for wind turbine blown out

Councillors on the planning committee went against officers' recommendations and rejected proposals for a 30ft turbine at the club near Blackrod bypass. Plans for a twin-bladed turbine of the same size at the site, which is on protected green belt land, were also rejected by the committee in March last year.
7 Mar 2013

Were wind turbines a mistake?

A former chairman of Fairlie Community Council has claimed that North Ayrshire councillors who pushed through a controversial experimental wind turbine site at Hunterston now realise they have made 'a desperate mistake'.
5 Mar 2013

Township places moratorium on wind projects

ALNWICK/HALDIMAND TOWNSHIP - With a packed council chambers backing The Alliance for the Protection of Northumberland Hills's presentation against two industrial wind turbine farms near Grafton and Centreton on the Oak Ridges Moraine, Alnwick/Haldimand Township councillors concurred during last week's meeting.
3 Mar 2013

Wind farms will create more carbon dioxide, say scientists

Thousands of Britain's wind turbines will create more greenhouse gases than they save, according to potentially devastating scientific research to be published later this year. ...One typical large peat site just approved in southern Scotland, the Kilgallioch wind farm, includes 43 miles of roads and tracks. Peat only retains its carbon if it is moist, but the roads and tracks block the passage of the water.
23 Feb 2013

Landmark High Court bid to protect history from wind farms

In his decision, the planning inspector, Paul Griffiths, accepted the turbines would be an imposing feature but said "reasonable observers" would not be "confused" by the juxtaposition of historic buildings and a modern wind farm. For the first time, English Heritage and the National Trust have teamed up to challenge the ruling along with the local council in the High Court.
18 Feb 2013
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