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Lairds criticised for pocketing wind farm subsidies

The Kirk's response to a consultation launched by the LRRG was critical of a system that has seen landowners such as the Duke of Roxburghe and the earls of Moray and Glasgow earn large sums for renting their land to wind-turbine energy firms. Critics point out that landowners rent their land to renewable generators, whose wind farms are subsidised by extra levies on ordinary electricity consumers.
17 May 2013

Trump sues Scottish government over wind farm

"The legal process started yesterday and I plan on proceeding for as long as required, irrespective of cost," Trump said Thursday as part of a released statement. "We will not allow the Scottish Government or any other party to undermine what we have created at Trump International Golf Links."
17 May 2013

Grid pays £6m to turn off wind farm turbines

Wind farm operators in Scotland have been paid nearly £6 million over the past 33 days not to generate electricity, more than was paid out for the whole of last year. Campaigners claim there has never been a longer period of consecutive payments and are continuing to call for the energy regulator to investigate.
16 May 2013

Wind farm is blown away

Plans to erect four large wind turbines have been torn up after the developer concluded that the site near Hutton in the Merse Valley is unsuitable. Airvolution Energy has announced that it will not be proceeding with plans to develop the 126.5m turbines at Crossrig, 3km southwest of Hutton.
16 May 2013

Wind farm sceptic is made an adviser on energy

The move is likely to be greeted with mixed reaction from campaign groups and green businesses. A longtime opponent of onshore wind and solar farms, he recently wrote in a blog that "the sudden proliferation of random, single [wind] turbines is starting to blight the Cornish countryside."
16 May 2013

Objectors warn of wind farm ‘blight on landscape'

Controversial plans for a wind farm on a prominent site on the Yorkshire Wolds are being recommended for approval despite huge opposition and warnings that it will be seen for many miles. ..."We do not need developments of this scale in this area which is a very beautiful area," he said.
9 May 2013

Fourth Darwen wind turbine plan is thrown out

Darwen's MP says he is delighted that plans to erect a wind turbine on land near Bull Hill have again been turned down by planning officers. ...It was the fourth time a variation of the planning application had been submitted to Blackburn with Darwen Council.
4 May 2013

Large turnout for public meeting against wind turbines

Scores of concerned residents attended a public meeting in Thorney this evening (April 25) over controversial proposals for a wind farm near the village. The Thorney Landscape Protection Group had called the meeting in opposition to plans for eight wing turbines, 126.5m high, at Gores Farm, in Whittlesey Road, Thorney.
26 Apr 2013

Minister: let locals block wind farms

Michael Fallon will shortly publish planning protections and proposals for a scheme of community "payments" for residents who agree to allow wind turbines near their homes. ...He also warned that he would not tolerate some areas being "swamped" by applications for wind farms. Several councils have been frustrated in their attempts to block such developments and have faced multi-million-pound legal bills.
26 Apr 2013

Anti-wind farm party launched

Richard Crawford, the party leader, said the party would fight for a moratorium on wind farms, pending an independent commission on renewable energy. ...over 40% of households are struggling to pay their energy bills. We want to stop the destructive energy policy that is ruining Scotland and will destroy tourism."
19 Apr 2013
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