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Turbine campaigners in Northampton win temporary reprieve

Campaigners fighting plans to build a massive wind turbine on the edge of Northampton have won a temporary reprieve. Supermarket giant Asda has applied to build a 417ft turbine in the car park of its distribution centre in Brackmills. ... But people living in nearby Great Houghton have argued the structure, which would be the same height as the Express Lift Tower, would be a blot on the landscape. And last night, their campaign was given a boost when a public footpath, which the West Northamptonshire Development Corporation (WNDC) had been unaware of, was discovered close to the proposed turbine site.
4 Jun 2008

Druids fear shadow will be cast over view of 'birth of the Moon'

It is a rare lunar spectacle whose significance dates back to ancient times, drawing visitors to the Isle of Lewis from across the world. But now the druids, pagans and witches who gather at the Callanish Stones fear the next time they visit their treasured view of the Moon could be ruined by a 53-turbine wind farm. ...Beinn Mhor Power plans to build turbines on the Eisgein Estate in Lewis, some of them on the Old Woman of the Moors. One would be built on a lump that looks like her knee, and others would be on the skyline. Archeologist Ian McHardy said the lunar phenomenon is mentioned in the Historic Scotland guidebook for the area. "I think it's an integral part of Callanish and should have been afforded higher protection. The wind turbines would be a significant part of the view."
29 May 2008

Wind farm campaigners double effort

Campaigners hoping to quash controversial plans for the region's first wind farm to be created between Burntwood and Heath Hayes have joined forces. Members of the newly formed Bleak House Wind Farm Action Group (BWFAG) said they want to use strength in numbers to make sure the proposed development on the former Bleak House opencast mining site does not go ahead. ..."We've all pulled together now to form one group - it's power in numbers. It was too much for one person to do to try and take this application on," Mr Baker added.
25 May 2008

'We Don't Want Wind Farms Here'

"I like the idea of green energy," he says. "I just don't want it on our doorsteps." Residents of the tiny village of Routh objected when they discovered land behind their 26 homes was being earmarked for a wind farm. East Riding Council refused the application, but developers RidgeWind have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate, with further developments expected in the near future. And with E.ON proposing an offshore development off the East Yorkshire coast, the issue of wind farms is set to remain on the agenda. The Routh reaction is identical to those seen in other communities when onshore wind farms are mooted.
22 May 2008

Wind power report a symphony in spin

With the publication of the Friends of the Earth document "Wind Power 20 Myths Blown Away", fully endorsed by Minister Jane Davidson, I was highly amused at the very clever way it has been worded - and the way it has neatly avoided giving a full and balanced picture. It is a veritable symphony in spin. ...I am surprised that Davidson's advisers let her be a party to this biased "report". If we take just one of the twenty - No 17: Wind farms harm property prices. The FoE document quotes two reports saying they don't. Well, the planning inspector who turned down the appeal by Renewable Energy Systems against the council refusal for 10 wind turbines at Rhos Garn, Llandysul, thought differently. He referred to a property owner near the site and said: "I can well imagine that if this proposal was allowed, he may well have difficulty selling his property."
16 May 2008

FENLAND: Community completely and bitterly divided over turbines, MP tells Parliament

A community completely and bitterly divided over proposals for wind turbines is how Marshland St James was described in Parliament. MP for North West Norfolk Henry Bellingham called into question the efficiency of small clusters of onshore turbines. He said: "Putting small clusters of eight, nine or 10 turbines onshore does untold environmental damage, for very little gain ...Government subsidies are effectively being used by developers to achieve what is known locally as the Tesco factor: if one has enough money and one keeps coming back, one will eventually overwhelm the planning inspectorate - and even persuade local people, who have to use their own money to appeal, that it is not worth the fight."
3 May 2008

In a spin... professor claims wind farms can cause seizures

Fast-turning wind turbines could trigger seizures, a University of Essex professor has discovered. Arnold Wilkins, a neuropsychology lecturer at the university, found turbines rotating more than sixty times a minute could provoke epileptic seizures. Prof Wilkins, who heads up the university's Visual Perception Unit, worked with researchers at Aston University, Birmingham, to assess whether the flickering of sunlight caused by the shadow of wind turbines could affect photosensitive people. ..."There are guidelines now to prevent flickering adverts on TV. There needs to be the same regulations with wind turbines."
1 May 2008

Couple's battle continues over wind turbine noise

Jane and Julian Davis left their Deeping St Nicholas home at Christmas 2006 after months of sleepless nights due to noise and vibration from the turbines, which are less than 1km from their house. However, there is a way forward at last after complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman over the handling of their issue by South Holland District Council, and monitoring of noise levels will now take place once more to establish the extent of the issue. Mrs Davis said: "Now we start all over again - but at last it is being accepted there are issues.
30 Apr 2008

Wind turbines can trigger epileptic fits and seizures, say scientists

Wind turbines could trigger dangerous epileptic fits and seizures according to two leading university professors today. Already criticised as a blot on the landscape and a threat to wildlife, giant commercial windmills could pose a serious risk to health, say experts who have been studying turbines and their effects. They claim that the more blades a turbine has and the faster it turns, the more likely it is to trigger a seizure for people who suffer from photosensitivity.
29 Apr 2008

Abandoned home because of wind farm

As I am Jane Davis, I hope you will allow me the time honoured right to reply to this gentleman's statements. Noise pollution from the Wind Farm 930 metres from our home has indeed caused us to abandon our home and rent a house 5 miles away. Not an easy decision to make when your home is on your farm. ...The Local Government Ombudsman has only yesterday decided that our situation needs proper investigation, with all facts available to all parties and this is to happen in the near future. She is however concerned that the planning condition for noise "put in place to protect local residents" and based on the industry standard ETSU-R-97, is "Vague, open to interpretation, immeasurable and thus unenforceable".
28 Apr 2008

Winds of change

WHOOSH, whoosh, whoosh. Or should that be whump, whump, whump? I'm trying to imagine what life might be like living next door to a wind farm. A few weeks back I put an offer in on a house with splendid views of the Borders countryside. Then I found out a planning application is under consideration for eight 100ft turbines on a hill just a mile away from the dream cottage. Oh, the irony. Having waxed lyrical about renewable energy, there's no way I can object to turbines being put up. So why can't I get the opening sequence of Apocalypse Now out of my head? The slow, repetitive whoosh of helicopters has been translated from Vietnam to rural Roxburghshire. The main cause of the 'Nam flashbacks are the articles I've read about low-frequency noise.
27 Apr 2008

Windfarm 'overwhelming', says Lynemouth

An inquiry was held at the Lynemouth Resource Centre after Castle Morpeth Council's Development Services Committee rejected the bid last year. The location is in an area of least constraint for wind turbine developments but the Council believes that they are too close to homes and public places to be allowed, with the nearest structure less than 1km away in some places. Planning Services Manager Hugh Edmundson said: "The proximity of these turbines to residents means they would have an overwhelming visual impact on the settlements." ...Planning Inspector David Cullingford will compile a report to the Secretary of State recommending approval or refusal. He said he expected a decision to be made on the application in June.
26 Apr 2008

Northumberland regeneration ‘threatened'

Efforts to regenerate the economy of a former Northumberland coal mining stronghold will be seriously harmed if a green energy company is allowed to erect massive wind turbines in the area, it was claimed yesterday. ..."We are trying to make positive changes to people's lives in this area, which has been blighted by heavy industry for generations." Local county councillor Jim Wright said the seven turbines would be industrial "monoliths", thrust into the backyard of less privileged and disadvantaged communities. He said: "This area has borne the brunt of intrusive and dirty activities for generations for the regional and national good. Post-industrial dereliction is being addressed. However, not many people feel this scheme will generate the area socially or economically."
23 Apr 2008

Shocking picture shows how wind farm disfigured one of Britain's loveliest landscapes

Standing a staggering 328ft high, the 36 looming turbines dominate the skyline of the Braes O'Doune and have angered many local residents, who claim they have blighted one of Scotland's classic vistas. And similar structures could soon be appearing in a field near you, as ugly onshore wind farms are thrown up to meet tough new European Union "green" electricity targets. Critics say such wind farms are white elephants, claiming that they are both unreliable and inefficient. ...Despite being the traditional gateway to the Highlands and a tourist hotspot, the area near Stirling is earmarked as a site for a flurry of new turbines as the Government attempts to meet these targets.
22 Apr 2008

Wind farm's sonic footprint

Likewise with these huge turbines we have to take into consideration all the effects they will have on the environment around them. This includes the roads, the foundations of the turbines, the converter station in the Kergord valley, the quarries and the shadows. The flickering shadow from these turbines when the sun is at a low ark of 20 degrees would be in the region of a quarter of a mile long. Up to now the huge destructive visual impact of this oversized proposal has been my main objection, however during the last few weeks my view has changed. ...However what has disturbed me more than anything is the sound of the turbines. This is not so much the actual decibels as the deep vibratory effect of the turning blades that seemed to penetrate my very being. Call me a wimp but I have not been able to spend much longer than an hour up there without feeling distressed, disorientated and nauseous.
21 Apr 2008

Decision on Lewis wind farm

Plans by Lewis Windpower for a wind farm at Barvas Moor in Lewis have been refused consent on the grounds of incompatibility with European law. Ministers have concluded that the proposed 181 turbine Lewis Wind Farm would have a serious impact on the Lewis Peatlands Special Protection Area, which is designated under the EC Birds Directive and protected under the EC Habitats Directive. ..."European legislation requires a specific procedure to be followed when proposals which could potentially affect Special Protection Areas come forward. I considered all the relevant issues and concluded it would not be possible to approve this application.
21 Apr 2008

It's bigger than they let on

You have got to admire the gall of Viking Energy. They say that the total area of peat disturbed by the wind farm will be 371 acres. This equates to about 2.4 acres per turbine. This is probably the correct area that is immediately affected by an individual wind turbine with regards to the concrete base, construction disturbance and access. But like all of Viking Energy's propaganda this is not the full story - and well we know it. For a forest of wind turbines to work effectively they have to be placed at a certain distance apart to avoid taking the wind out of each other's blades. For a 1.5MW turbine this is about 0.13 square km per MW installed. So for this proposed wind farm of 554MW, the land area disturbed will be at least 72 square km or 17,500 acres. Rather more than 371 acres!
18 Apr 2008

Protests against wind turbine plans

People living in Earthcott Green fear three wind turbines will blow away any remaining tranquillity in the area. The turbines have been proposed on farmland off Old Gloucester Road by Stroud-based power company Ecotricity. It maintains the 210ft high turbines - fitted with blades almost 40ft long - will not have a significant impact on the area and will generate enough power to supply 3,000 homes. But unhappy residents who live near the proposed site claim the company has picked the wrong area.
15 Apr 2008

Villagers pool energies

People in a cluster of the North's former mining villages are preparing to speak out against plans to build a 13-turbine wind farm. Scottish Power subsidiary CRE Energy wants to erect the 121m-high turbines on farmland west of the Alcan aluminium complex at Lynemouth, which would be 40 metres taller than the smelter's landmark chimneys. ...Castle Morpeth councillors rejected the CRE Energy application a year ago, claiming the turbines will be excessive and over-dominant in the flat, coastal landscape. But the company has said it is confident of succeeding with its appeal. Its original bid for 16 turbines was scaled down because of local opposition.
14 Apr 2008

MP backs wind farm objections

Last month, Stockton Council's planning committee refused an application for a 60m test mast to be located in a field between the two villages to gather wind data over a period of two years. [Stockton MP] Dari Taylor met Dr Leo Hicks and retired industrial chemist Dr Doug Wallace who are leading a protest, supported by the two villages' 400 residents. The MP told them she totally opposes wind farms when they are placed in a rural setting, spoiling the countryside. Ms Taylor said: "Wind farms have their place out in the North Sea or on redundant parts of MOD land, but not in beautiful countryside. ..."Now an energy company wants to place a large wind farm across the beautiful countryside between Hilton and Seamer. "I think they are ugly, incredibly noisy and don't produce enough energy.
12 Apr 2008
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