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Battle site wind farm plans are thrown out

Daventry District councillors voted to refuse plans submitted by electricity firm E.ON to build several wind turbines close to the Battle of Naseby site on Wednesday night, after planning officers recommended it should be rejected. Numerous bodies voiced serious concerns or objected to the plans.
17 Dec 2010

Boss takes on wind farm in new battle

[The wind company says] that noise from the wind farm means Mr Walker must take into account the effect of that noise on any new development. But the 25-year-old Northumberland-born entrepreneur said: "It's taken me by surprise because effectively they are saying they are having a negative impact on the area.
20 Nov 2010

Northumberland turbine ruling sparks anger

Controversial plans for a wind farm in the Northumberland countryside have been given final approval, after pleas to re-open a public inquiry were ignored. ...Objections came from residents, parish councils, and the Campaign for Responsible Energy Development in Tynedale (CREDIT) group - all of whom were concerned at the impact on the landscape.
13 Nov 2010

Tiree will resist windfarm blow-ins

Residents in the remote island community of Tiree have launched a protest against a large offshore windfarm planned for the area ...They say the arrival of up to 300 people in the form of staff and their families, as well as large machinery would ruin the "quaint" lifestyle the 800 islanders currently enjoy.
12 Nov 2010

At last, the wind of change is blowing in favour of local power

Over the past five years, concern for the future of the planet has morphed into an unthinking support of any plan, however harmful to the countryside, that might just possibly help the energy crisis, however infinitesimally. Turbines have become a marketing tool, representing global concern and niceness, appearing in advertising campaigns, as backdrop for local TV news, even in the England World Cup symbol.
29 Oct 2010

Reap what you sow

Among those the Chamber is very concerned about are the Thanet extension, Greater Gabbard and extensions, and three projects in Scotland that threaten to block approaches to the Forth, he says. The map of Round 3 proposals shows the full extent of offshore wind farms: "If that was to be proposed on land, people would be on the streets. But that is the problem - out of sight, out of mind, do what you like."
30 Sep 2010
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