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Residents to be given onshore wind farm veto

Residents are to be handed powers to stop onshore wind farms being built, ministers will announce today. The Tories have vowed to ‘halt the spread’ of unsightly turbines by preventing wind farms from being ‘imposed on communities without consultation or public support’.
18 Jun 2015

Anger as Jarrow wind mast approved

A government inspector has given the go-ahead to a giant meteorological mast on green belt land in South Tyneside. Now there are fears that the 50-metre structure will lead to the creation of a wind farm near the Fellgate Estate in Jarrow. South Tyneside Council's planning committee had rejected the application after a 200-name petition was submitted against it. But the applicant appealed.
23 Sep 2013

Planning chiefs: Ministers must set wind farm quota

Alex Salmond has set a target of generating the equivalent of all Scotland's electricity from renewable sources by 2020 but has produced no calculations for the numbers of onshore wind farms required to meet this. ...Scottish Borders Council warned that turbines had got taller since existing planning policies were drawn up and "there is now a real prospect of wind-farm dominated landscapes being created over wide areas."
3 Sep 2013

Countryside at war as planning system collapses

Sir Simon said failure to have a plan in place will not mean more houses are built but "more conflict" as local communities use the law courts to fight the vague new legislation. "It will just mean that everyone will be fighting, fighting, fighting and that is not the best way of running rural Britain," he added.
8 Mar 2013

Wind turbine exclusion explained

"The 2km separation distance comes from the Scottish Planning Policy. The 2km distance is the separation distance between areas of search and the edge of cities, towns and villages; it is to guide developments to the most appropriate sites and to reduce visual impact. It can also be used in dealing with visual impact from individual turbines.
21 Jun 2012

Weir protesters celebrate as 'windfarm' plans are thrown out

"Let this be a lesson to people who want to come into our Valley. We are not here to be picked off by wind farms and finance." Bacup councillor Andy MacNae claimed the applicant had done the "minimum possible" at every stage, including in its public consultation and a "derisory" offer of £3,000 per year compensation.
22 Feb 2012

Turbine plans for Great Yarmouth countryside rejected

Controversial plans for four giant wind turbines in the midst of two scenic Norfolk coastal communities have been rejected by a government planning inspector. ...In a six page report the planning inspector says the turbines would "unacceptably change" and result in "material harm" to the landscape.
29 Nov 2010
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