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Selling Out Our Valley

The proposed site, complete with computer graphics showing the turbines and towers, showed a pretty rural setting changed to a scene from Star Wars.
24 Jan 2006

To the tower

But can we respectfully suggest that anyone involved in a decision to put 236 turbines, each 540ft tall, nine miles offshore here, might like to assess the visual impact first.
24 Jan 2006

Wind farm backer is ex-National Trust boss

"The local community is small and widespread and they do not have the manpower or resources to create effective opposition. "Should these developments go ahead they will have a huge impact on the cultural, landscape, tourist and recreational assets and interests of this area."
23 Jan 2006

Residents angered by windfarm comments

RESIDENTS of Denby Dale and surrounding villages were astonished to read the statements by Caroline Lucas Euro-MP about wind energy. She seems to be one of a dwindling number still under the misapprehension that wind turbines are in any way "green".
20 Jan 2006

Decision is in the wind

CAMPAIGNERS against a proposed Greenock wind farm say a Scottish Office Reporter has turned it down — but the Scottish Executive could still approve it.
17 Jan 2006

Turbines whip up a storm in North Devon

Arguments are raging over a proposed wind farm in North Devon. Local residents think the company behind the scheme isn't supplying the necessary information about the plan. But, as John Bevir reports, the company disagrees.
16 Jan 2006

One in the eye for French developers

"The original battle took two hours and thousands of people died. The second battle took two years and no blood was spilt. And it was all the better because the French and the British worked together to achieve this victory."
4 Jan 2006

The English come to aid of Agincourt six centuries after victory

The village’s ambition to become a tourist centre was given a boost last month when the French state electricity generator, Eléctricité de France (EDF), withdrew a planning application to place four 459ft (140m) wind turbines half a mile from the battlefield. The plan had been fought by campaigners on both sides of the Channel, including the actor, Robert Hardy, who said that it would desecrate the battlefield.
2 Jan 2006

Wind Power - 'Variable' or 'Intermittent'? - A Problem Whatever the Word

A Research Into the Achilles' Heel of the Wind Industry. With a wealth of examples and references, Dr. Etherington enlightens us on the principal weakness of windfarms: their erratic, unpredictable production of electricity. A modern economy cannot afford blackouts, so wind power production must be backed up 24h a day by conventional power, which substantially reduces the C02 savings
1 Jan 2006

Opposition to plans for wind turbines

THE recent four-page supplement from npower concerning its proposed development at Kiln Pit Hill can only be described as an example of pro-windfarm propaganda. There was no mention of the problems associated with wind power.
30 Dec 2005

Wind farm policies are a load of hot air

Throwing large amounts of money at unreliable sources of energy when others with much greater reliable potential are simply starved of investment is poor economics and appalling practice and will not be followed by any other country governed with good sense. Wind farm policy is simply gesture politics at its worst.
30 Dec 2005

Turbine Figures Blown Off Course

"Wind energy has again been shown up for what it is - an expensive way of saving a derisory amount of CO2. It is, frankly, a disgrace, that the wind turbine farce continues in the name of saving the planet. The Government should intervene immediately and stop these projects - they are a waste of our resources."
27 Dec 2005
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