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Wind power and system stability

But the variable and unpredictable power rate of the wind disqualifies it for either system load following or the continuous full load operation required to contribute to the national base load.
9 Mar 2006

Compliance Shines for O'Brien

The six-year-old put in an immaculate display to beat Kerryhead Windfarm by 20 lengths but O'Brien will resist the temptation of heading for next week's Irish Independent Arkle Challenge Trophy. Editor's Note: We can beat them at the track as well.
9 Mar 2006

UK Cancels Wind Energy Program

Taking on heavy criticism, the British energy minister and rural affairs minister have agreed to cancel a wind energy program that would supply renewable energy with 27-wind turbine farm, according to the Guardian.
9 Mar 2006

BBC Poll Not the Whole Story

SO 52% of the people in the BBC survey preferred renewables to other sources of energy. This is not much of a surprise if renewables were offered on an "either-or" basis.
7 Mar 2006

Public misled by the wind power companies

None of the renewables is anywhere close to being a potential alternative and it has been admitted by Scottish Renewables that "wind power will not form the base load for electricity". Many people, including BBC interviewers and researchers, have been misled by the false claims of wind power companies.
7 Mar 2006

A wind farm too far

It is true that alternative energy sources such as wind power have a limited role to play in meeting Britain’s energy needs. But they will only ever have a small role, and if the cost is scarring the increasingly threatened landscape, they should be rejected and other green and more efficient forms, including nuclear power, should prevail.
5 Mar 2006

Ill wind may yet blow

THE company behind the plan to build a wind farm on Denshaw Moor has yet to decide whether or not it will appeal against Oldham Council’s decision to refuse permission.
1 Mar 2006
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