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Public meeting will debate plan for 13 wind turbines at Fulbeck Airfield

VETO spokesman John Cooke said: “VETO will work closely with the reVOLT group as sadly many people will be directly affected by both plans. However, we do need a separate group for three reasons: we need to quickly make the community aware that this is another, different and way more significant development. It is also at a much earlier stage than Temple Hill and finally the Fulbeck Airfield project is so large, it straddles two District County Council areas.”
21 Jan 2014

Wind turbine rotor blades destined for landfill

Rotor blades from hundreds of wind turbines in Scotland could end up being buried in the ground at the end of their working life, according to a report from council officials. Because blades are constructed from complex materials, they are more difficult and expensive to recycle than other parts of a turbine.
15 Jan 2014

Look through renewables politics to reliable income

As the backlash against rising energy bills has intensified, subsidies shelled out on renewable generation have come under close scrutiny. ...if the cost of generating electricity from those renewables sources doesn't fall substantially, then the cost to government of subsidising that energy mix could be untenable.
7 Jan 2014

Molesworth wind farm appeal closes

Campaigners battling against plans to build a wind farm near the villages of Molesworth and Bythorn expect they will have to wait several months before they find out if they have been successful.
30 Dec 2013

Delay in plan to connect windfarm to National Grid

Speculation about the future of the controversial offshore wind farm being opposed by tycoon Donald Trump intensified today as the developers announced a two year delay in their plans to connect the scheme to the National Grid. Concerns about the fate of the £230 million Aberdeen Bay wind farm project were first raised earlier this year when Swedish company Vattenfall announced plans to put its in the venture up for sale.
5 Dec 2013

RWE pulls plug on wind farm in Bristol channel

German power giant RWE said Tuesday it has decided not to go ahead with a plans to build a gigantic wind farm in the Bristol Channel on Britain's west coast. "RWE Innogy has reviewed the Atlantic Array Project and the Round 3 Bristol Channel Zone," RWE said in statement.
26 Nov 2013

Don’t want a wind farm near you? Well, good luck stopping it

Press coverage of wind energy may have raised questions about its cost and efficacy. Ministers may have promised month after month that local opinion is important and that turbines should be sited the right, appropriate places. Yet on the ground, where it matters, the green rush has continued. This enthusiasm, sad to report, is not propelled by any kind of idealism, but by the unimaginably large financial rewards on offer over the next 25 years.
15 Oct 2013

Wind farm winners fight on to raise cash

Jubilant villagers are celebrating victory in a three year war against the developers, Wind Ventures Ltd. But they are still picking themselves up from a legacy of blighted home sales, lives having to be put on hold – and paying off a £40,000 bill for lawyers and experts who represented them at a planning inquiry.
14 Oct 2013
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