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Executive hopes to close legal loophole over crofters' rights

Pairc Crofters has leased its rights in the land to a company called Pairc Renewables which, in turn, has leased wind-farm rights to an electricity generating company. The effect is that the crofters of Pairc Trust can exercise the right given to them under Scottish land reform legislation to buy the land, but cannot benefit from renewable energy payments.
3 May 2006

Why the wind-merchants feed us sky-high figures for their machines

The developers had built their case on three claims: the amount of electricity their machine would generate, how many homes it would supply, and the carbon dioxide emissions it would save. I presented the inquiry with a paper comparing these claims with official figures, to show how each had been exaggerated to a quite laughable degree.
30 Apr 2006

Windfarms are like politicians - they promise much, but deliver very little

I am not a member of the 'not in my backyard' brigade and if wind power does offer hope for the planet, then the mills' hypnotic presence might be a price worth paying. But the spread of these unsightly structures seems a metaphor for many of our current efforts. They are attention-grabbers that cannot even support local community needs, let alone make much impact on our current energy-guzzling assault on the planet.
30 Apr 2006

Attacks grow on Trump's golf plan

Billionaire Donald Trump was last night facing further criticism from environmental campaigners after it emerged that a major commuter road may be rerouted to accommodate his world-class golf complex.
30 Apr 2006

Wind farm row grows

Up to 1,000 leaflets have been delivered to homes by campaigners battling to stop the region's first wind farm being located in Cannock Chase.
29 Apr 2006

Can you afford to save the planet?

Even if I don’t really get the finer points of the equation, I can see that the sums fail to add up in a quite spectacular way. You spend forty grand; you get back a couple of hundred pounds a year in return for a clear conscience.
28 Apr 2006

We're blighted by trumped up 'rules'

If Scotland really wants to be the best small country in an increasingly competitive world, we have to present ourselves professionally and use every asset we have to grab what is going. Alternatively, we can sit back and watch developments like the Trump project go to England, France or Spain. Then will we be happy?
27 Apr 2006

Turbine plan for harbour

IS this a "wind"-up? A shock Stena announcement has revealed plans to erect a row of giant wind turbines along Holyhead breakwater, which could be the only way to save the crumbling harbour wall.
26 Apr 2006

Date set for final turbines hearing

A PUBLIC inquiry into plans for two huge wind turbines on the moors above Edgworth will close next month, The original four-day inquiry, which began at the Barlow Institute on February 28, overran and was adjourned.
25 Apr 2006
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