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Wind farm will be built at Naseby battle site despite admission it will ‘harm' area

Last year, members of Daventry District Council blocked plans to build turbines to the north of Haselbech, near Naseby, because of the impact the development would have on the area. But this week, national planning inspector, Paul Griffiths, overturned that decision, meaning six turbines up to 415ft tall can be built.
21 Dec 2011

Green trust hits out at Highlands wind farm

Steven Turnbull, policy officer for JMT, said: "The impacts of the wind farm on the landscape would be significant and completely inappropriate for an area of wild land. "Even though the applicant has acknowledged these impacts, they've offered little evidence to support their decision to proceed regardless."
6 Dec 2011

‘Gold rush in wind turbines leaves Scots feeling under attack'

A moratorium should be placed on new wind turbine developments until councils are given clearer guidance from government, environment minister Fergus Ewing has been told. MSPs warned that local communities feel they are "under attack" from energy firms whose desperation to snap up land across Scotland "resembles the prospecting days of the American gold rush".
2 Dec 2011

Economic advantages of wind farms- a total illusion

The impact on the people and the beautiful countryside of Mid Wales and Shropshire will be devastating. 800 of these structures in the area proposed is completely and wholly out of proportion. If localism means anything at all, the ruination of the hills should be taken by bodies accountable locally. The macro-economic alleged advantages are, as KPMG point out, a total illusion.
9 Nov 2011

Huge swathes of Welsh woodland could be razed to build new wind farms

Some 386 hectares - each equivalent to the size of a rugby pitch - could be cleared of trees in a plan opponents fear would dramatically change the landscape of Wales. The Forestry Commission, which has tendered for a private company to bid for the clearance work, said the process was only at an early stage and that any construction would still need planning permission.
27 Aug 2011

Outrage as Tory says wind farms are ‘raping' Scotland

"It was clear to anyone who attended the meeting and heard my speech on ‘The Renewable Rape of Scotland' that I was referring to the rampant desecration of the Scottish landscape by wind turbines. The only people who should feel insulted by them are those responsible for despoiling our unique landscape and environment with vast, unsightly and inefficient wind farms."
21 Aug 2011
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