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Bring on solar power; wind turbines are noisy and blot the horizon

We measured industry noise at night under low and medium wind conditions. We found, in front of the boundary fence of an industrial plant we measured, a sound pressure level of 52 dBA. Then, 1500 m away, we measured the same noise at the same value (52 dBA), implying that the noise is hardly attenuated by distance. This is an extraordinary result and it took calculations for us to appreciate that the combination of a temperature inversion (where the ground is colder than the air) and the wind had caused the plant noise to travel significantly further than usual. We further discovered that our findings were actually quite well known - the phenomena is not new.
14 Aug 2009

Neighbouring council to Fenland rejects wind turbine on flicker, ice and intrusiveness grounds

A long-running campaign to build a wind turbine at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn has been dealt another blow by councillors. The latest application to build an 80m turbine in the hospital grounds has been refused by West Norfolk's development control board ...This is the second planning application for the turbine which has been turned down.
10 Aug 2009

Health hazard fear over wind turbines

People living close to windfarms in Powys could face a health risk as campaigners claim turbines are being built too close to people's homes. It comes as Powys County Council is expected to receive planning applications for more than 500 wind turbines. Campaign group Cadwriaeth Ucheldir Powys say studies have revealed many householders living near turbines suffer headaches, sleep deprivation and dizziness.
8 Aug 2009

Is it dangerous to live close to wind turbines?

Dr Nina Pierpoint has warned that living too close to wind turbines can cause heart disease, tinnitus, vertigo, panic attacks, migraines and sleep deprivation in groundbreaking research due to be published later this year. ...To date, the Government and wind companies have denied any health risks associated with powerful noise and vibration produced by wind turbines.
3 Aug 2009

Jonathan Dimbleby's turbine will ruin landscape I love, says woman, 90

It takes less than five minutes to walk from the church at one end of Moreleigh to the pub at the other but the small community living in the cottages in between have a range of opinions on whether Jonathan Dimbleby is welcome in their Devonshire village. To some, he is an arriviste whose plans to erect a wind turbine in his garden will spoil their view across the South Hams.
1 Aug 2009

A wind farm is not the answer

How would you imagine an environmentalist would react when presented with the following proposition? A power company plans to build a new development on a stretch of wild moorland. It will be nearly seven miles long, and consist of 150 structures, each made of steel and mounted on hundreds of tons of concrete. ...The answer is that if you are like many modern environmentalists you will support this project without question. You will dismiss anyone who opposes it as a nimby ...and campaign for thousands more.
31 Jul 2009

Turbines 'will disrupt sleep'

A doctor has called for a wind farm plan to be rejected because he believes it will give people living nearby sleepless nights. Dr Chris Hanning was speaking at a public inquiry ...The consultant in sleep medicine at Leicester General Hospital said noise created by electricity-generating turbines had been proven to adversely affect the heath of people who lived near them.
30 Jul 2009

Turbines too near homes, says speaker at inquiry

Night time noise levels from a proposed wind farm near Lutterworth will damage residents' sleep patterns and disrupt their lives, it was claimed at an inquiry on Tuesday. David Havergill, a member of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA), was speaking at the inquiry into whether an energy firm should be allowed to build an 11-turbine wind farm on land between Swinford and Walcote.
30 Jul 2009

Wind farm may lead to 'industrial wasteland'

Campaigners have warned if the latest East Riding wind farm application is granted, it could set a precedent condemning the area as an 'industrial wasteland'. Renewable Energy Systems (RES) is seeking permission to build a nine-turbine wind farm near Roos but residents have objected. The application will be considered by East Riding Council's planning committee.
28 Jul 2009

People in the countryside told to accept 'many thousands' of new wind turbines

Ed Miliband, the Energy Secretary, announced yesterday that planning rules would be changed to make it easier for 6,000 onshore wind turbines to be built. Britain's "default position" would be to accept new onshore turbines, he said. The expansion in wind farms was included in the Government's Renewable Energy Strategy, which aims to cut energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, and reduce Britain's dependence on fossil fuels.
16 Jul 2009

Wind turbine plans are dismissed

Plans to build a wind farm near a Shropshire town have been refused following a public inquiry. Nuon UK's proposals for seven wind turbines up to 360ft (110m) high at Bearstone, near Market Drayton, were considered at a public inquiry in May. ...However, the Planning Inspectorate said the scheme would mean a "marked and unacceptable reduction" for nearby residential areas.
15 Jul 2009

CPRE forces Miliband to ‘clarify' countryside policy

The secretary of state for energy and climate change Ed Miliband has responded to a set of challenging questions on energy and the landscape from the Campaign to Protect Rural England. Among questions he has answered, Miliband clarified his controversial statement that it should "be socially unacceptable to be against wind turbines in your area - like not wearing a seatbelt or driving past a zebra crossing."
7 Jul 2009

Thousands sign petition to stop £800m Shetland wind farm

The scale of public opposition to Europe's largest onshore wind farm proposed for the Shetland mainland has been underlined after about 70 campaigners handed in a petition of more than 3600 signatures demanding the plans be scrapped. ...The signatures, representing almost 20% of Shetland's population over the age of 12, were given to Shetland Island Council convenor Sandy Cluness.
2 Jul 2009

Thanet shudders to wind farm vibrations

The isle has rocked to vibrations from work off the area's coast as power giants Vattenfall build a huge wind farm project, writes Tom Betts. The loud bangs came from the Sea Jack vessel which is currently pile-driving the sea bed in order to install the foundations. The noise was heard last night (Monday, June29) across Thanet from Birchington as far round the coast as Broadstairs and even Ramsgate.
30 Jun 2009

Anger over plans for windfarm on historic Owain Glyndwr battlefield

Campaigners objecting to a massive windfarm on a mountain where Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr staged a decisive battle will today stage a peaceful protest. More than 100 turbines, each 140m high, could go up on Mynydd Hyddgen. Developers Airtricity won an Assembly tender for the wind farm, at Nant-y-Moch in the Pumlumon hills above Machynlleth, straddling Powys and Ceredigion.
20 Jun 2009

Personal wind farm worries neighbours

A retired GP has sparked a row in his picturesque Northumberland village by planning a £40,000 wind turbine in his back garden. Dr Steven Ford wants to erect the turbine - which would measure 17.8 metres from base to blade tip - in a field behind his home in Heugh House Lane, Haydon Bridge, a row of 20 properties in the countryside overlooking the Northumberland village.
15 Jun 2009

Trouble at the mills

Plans for one of Britain's biggest on-shore wind turbines at the Dewlay factory near Garstang have hit a hitch. The Kirkland-based cheese firm hopes to start work on the 127 metres high turbine later this year and have it operational by Spring 2010.
10 Jun 2009
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