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Trump bids to end turbine 'madness'

Mr Trump has halted work on his resort until a decision on the wind farm is made by the Scottish Government. Today, Mr Trump said he had "invested a tremendous amount of money in Scotland because it is a place of great beauty and is also the birthplace of my mother''. He added: "Interestingly, it will be the greatest gift to my mother to stop this atrocity.
9 Mar 2012

Trump to sue over Scottish wind farm

He added, 'I have been told by our attorneys, our lawyers, that we can bring a very large lawsuit and probably win the lawsuit based on the harm that these horrible things will do to Scotland. I've been told we have a very good lawsuit, and we can delay (the wind farms) for years to come.'
4 Mar 2012

Wind energy rebels rebuked

David Cameron risks a backlash from the countryside after defending the Government's plans to support onshore wind farms. ...Nick Williams, who lives in the shadow of one of the Fullabrook turbines made an emotional plea to "stop the onslaught of the countryside". He said: "I'm a prisoner of Fullabrook."
23 Feb 2012

Wind farm to be built at site of decisive Civil War battle

A wind farm is to be built at the site of one of the most important battles ever fought on English soil, despite officials admitting that the scheme will "harm the setting" of the historic location. Proposals for an array of 415ft turbines overlooking the site of the Battle of Naseby, the decisive clash of the English Civil War, have been opposed by heritage groups.
8 Jan 2012

Waterways in National Park will create power to ward off wind farms

They believe that harnessing the power of the park's many rivers and burns will help Scotland meet its green energy targets while avoiding or restricting the construction of unsightly wind farms in the vicinity. Gordon Watson, the director of planning and rural development for the Park Authority, said: "If there is something that Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National park is not short of, it's water.
1 Jan 2012
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