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Wind farm expansion will see more factories paid to switch off

Thousands of wind turbines are being built around the country but the power they produce is intermittent. This has forced the National Grid to find alternative ways of keeping the lights on when wind levels are not high enough to meet power demand. ...the measures to cut demand would become commonplace in the longer-term, as Britain builds more intermittent renewable energy sources.
10 Jun 2014

Battle lines drawn over Melton Airfield windfarm

But campaign group Support Melton Against Rural Turbines (SMART) has dismissed the developer’s proposed payment as ‘derisory’, claiming the wind farm would blight the landscape for years to come. It is concerned about the windfarm’s impact on the countryside, on settings of important heritage assets including at Burrough-on-the-Hill and its impact on efforts to establish Melton as a tourist centre.
22 May 2014

Anger over Navitus Bay payment offers

The developer behind the controversial Navitus Bay wind farm has offered payments to marine companies, the Daily Echo can exclusively reveal. Navitus Bay Development Ltd has denied that it is an attempt to win favour with firms, insisting that it is “standard good practice”.
5 May 2014

Were turbines behind power cut?

A spokeswoman for SHEPD refused yesterday to answer specific questions about whether wind power was linked to the blackout. But yesterday more concern was voiced that the blackout could be linked to wind power. Retired engineer Douglas Brodie, 70, of Nairn, questioned whether a drop in wind immediately prior to the lights going out could have sparked the blackout.
22 Apr 2014
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