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Wind turbine noise warnings were dismissed by civil servants

Wind turbines Consultants recommended lowering night-time noise limits because the sounds made by spinning blades were enough to disrupt sleep patterns. However, the advice, contained in a draft version of their 2006 report, was removed from the final submission which was eventually used in official guidance for local authorities ruling on planning applications from wind farm developers. It means that hundreds of turbines at wind farms in Britain built since 2006 have been allowed to continue generating high levels of noise.
13 Dec 2009

Officials cover up wind farm noise report

The guidance from consultants indicated that the sound level permitted from spinning blades and gearboxes had been set so high - 43 decibels - that local people could be disturbed whenever the wind blew hard. The noise was also thought likely to disrupt sleep. The report said the best way to protect locals was to cut the maximum permitted noise to 38 decibels, or 33 decibels if the machines created discernible "beating" noises as they spun. It has now emerged that officials removed the warnings from the draft report in 2006 by Hayes McKenzie Partnership (HMP), the consultants. The final version made no mention of them.
13 Dec 2009

Wind farms: green boon or a blot on landscape?

Few construction projects could claim to have split public opinion so fiercely, but the growth of Scotland's wind farms will be inescapable during the coming decade. According to The Herald's calculations, the 1131 turbines already installed take up roughly 54 square km, or 0.06% of Scotland's area. ..."The Government's strategy has been transformed from an initial promise to reduce emissions, and generate energy through a mix of renewables, to one that is almost solely focused on heavily subsidised wind farms."
7 Dec 2009

Burnley windmills plan stirs new anger

Plans to build three more wind turbines above Burnley have been met with anger by local residents. ...And now those who are opposed are asking people with concerns to write to the power company. Peter Worden, who lives close to the wind farm, said: "The new turbines are going to be massive and will be right in front of our house blocking a big part of the view," he said.
1 Dec 2009

Parish council 'surprised' at lack of consultation over wind farm plan

'Surprise' has been expressed by the chairman of St Eval Parish Council after it wasn't consulted on plans for a new wind farm on its doorstep. Cornwall Light and Power announced in November its intention to erect wind turbines at land on Denzell Downs, between St Mawgan and St Eval. The turbines would sit in front of the existing 16-turbine Bear's Down wind farm - the South West's most powerful, generating 9.6mw.
1 Dec 2009

Wind farms blight landscape - Duke

One of the country's major landowners has launched an attack on wind farms, saying they blight beautiful scenery yet make "minimal contribution" to our energy needs. The Duke of Northumberland, owner of around 100,000 acres and with a family fortune of around £300m, said he had repeatedly turned down bids by the wind power industry to erect turbines on his land.
30 Nov 2009

Neighbours upset by school's 'noisy' wind turbine

A wind turbine erected at a Luton infants school to produce green energy is ruffling the feathers of people living nearby. The 15 metre-high turbine was put up at Crawley Green Infant School, in Beaconsfield, during the October half term holiday, but local residents say the recent high winds mean their new neighbour is proving to be a very noisy one.
27 Nov 2009

Inquiry: Wind turbine threat to RAF fighter jets

A public inquiry has begun into the building of 13 wind turbines near Peterborough, amid fears they could cause RAF radar systems to crash. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is among the objectors to two wind farms outside of Thorney, which it said could create dangers to pilots flying Harrier jets in preparation to go to Afghanistan. ...The MOD said that the individual rotor blades of the turbines could cause Precision Approach Radar's (PAR) to glitch when guiding aircraft into RAF Wittering.
26 Nov 2009

Wind turbine noise rules are outdated, say campaigners

The government urgently needs to update its guidance on how local authorities should assess the impact of noise from wind turbines, campaigners have said. Environmental Protection UK say turbines are now so large, the noise generated by the turning blades can affect those living nearby. ...The government says it is continuing research into the impact of noise.
26 Nov 2009

Wind farm plan sparks protest from Morpeth businessman

Magnificent views enjoyed by visitors to an award-winning North East holiday complex would be ruined by plans to build four massive wind turbines nearby, it is claimed. Businessman Alun Moore has invested about £2m over the last 20 years in developing his Beacon Hill holiday centre, 15 self-catering cottages and a luxury spa on a hilltop north west of Morpeth. ...But now Mr Moore fears his business, which employs 14 people locally, will suffer badly if plans by Novera Energy to erect four 101m turbines at nearby Todd Hill, Pigdon, are given the go-ahead.
18 Nov 2009

50ft tall wind turbines that won't need planning permission in countryside 'free for all'

The Government says it wants to cut the red tape and expense involved in generating energy from wind, and insists the new rules will come with strict conditions about noise, size and appearance. But rural campaigners said the changes to the planning system could lead to a 'free-for-all' and warned that the countryside was in danger of being sacrificed in the battle against global warming.
18 Nov 2009

Spinners and losers in the wind turbine storm

Rural rejecters of wind power aren't bumptious bumpkins, says Adrian Snook. We are asserting our rights as consumers and voters. ...Opinion polls consistently show strong public support for wind power in the UK with around 80% of people expressing support and only 10% opposed. Yet when this translates into local voter reaction to onshore wind development, particularly in England and Wales, support seems to evaporate. It is often replaced by deep anger and opposition. Why is this? I believe there are two reasons.
5 Nov 2009

Prescott attacks windpower 'nimbys'

John Prescott, the former Deputy Prime Minister, will today launch a ferocious attack on the "landowners and nimbys" who he says are holding up the installation of wind farms across Britain and thus hindering the fight against climate change. In unashamed class-warrior style, Mr Prescott lashes out at opponents of windpower who successfully block planning applications for wind turbines because they may spoil their "chocolate box view".
20 Oct 2009

Ban wind farms near houses says campaigner

An East Yorkshire resident is calling for a change in the law so new wind turbines cannot be built near homes Currently there is no minimum separation distance between homes and the structures, but company director Larry Fleming, from Spaldington, near Goole, wants a 2km limit. Villagers are fighting proposals by two separate developers for 14 turbines standing 400ft tall, three times higher than Howden Minster.
20 Oct 2009

Wind farm saga hits new twist and delay

Planning officials have suspended a proposal to build a wind farm between two Lincolnshire villages. Enertrag UK has been asked to provide more information about its plans for eight 125-metre turbines at Baumber and Wispington, near Horncastle. East Lindsey District Council will allow the application to continue through the planning process if the energy company can show how its project will affect nearby residents.
5 Oct 2009

MP Peter Luff seeks ban on wind turbines within 1km of homes

The MP for Mid Worcestershire has called for a ban on commercial wind turbines being constructed within a kilometre of people's homes. ...Speaking after visiting a public exhibition organised by Scottish Power Renewables at Norton and Lenchwick parish hall, the Conservative MP said: "These are effectively 40-storey high structures in open countryside - they must be a reasonable distance from homes.
24 Sep 2009

MP calls for minimum distance from wind turbines

The MP for Mid Worcestershire has called for a ban on commercial wind turbines being constructed within a kilometre of people's homes. Peter Luff said proposals for a wind farm close to Bishampton, near Pershore, would see some turbines located little more than 600 metres away from houses.
22 Sep 2009

Put People First campaigners fly blimp to protest at Todd Hill windfarm

Families fighting plans to erect four giant wind turbines in their rural Northumberland community have taken their protest campaign into the skies. They are flying a large orange blimp at a height of 101 metres above the proposed site of the wind farm near Morpeth in a bid to show local people and council planners the likely impact of the installation on the landscape and homes.
19 Sep 2009

Residents fear 'wind turbine syndrome'

Residents protesting against plans for a wind farm near Dumsurn say they are alarmed by results from a recent report which claims living close to turbines can lead to a greater risk of several health problems. The application for the proposed wind farm in the North Sperrins is for seven turbines, each 121 metres tall ...Members of the Roe Valley Anti Wind Farm Group are determined to fight the proposal and say they will take legal action if they have to. They argue there are too many wind farms in the area and that "enough is enough".
18 Sep 2009
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