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Ruth Davidson attacks Alex Salmond's 'scorched earth' wind farm policy

She said there was no need for the "march of the turbines" to continue but SNP ministers were unwilling to review the situation or listen to "besieged" communities' concerns. Miss Davidson delivered the attack during a keynote speech marking her first anniversary as leader in which she argued that the state in Scotland has become so bloated it is harming society.
6 Nov 2012

Historian Oliver attacks 'uglifying' wind turbines

Television historian Neil Oliver has launched a blistering attack on the Scottish Government and its green energy plans. Oliver, best known for presenting the BBC's Coast series, spoke out against the increasing numbers of "intrusive and uglifying" wind farms, warning they could ruin every view in Scotland.
29 Oct 2012

The hush-hush map that paints Scotland green

It is the map of the country which lays bare for the first time the full extent of the Scottish Government's drive to convert the nation to wind power.  Scotland's familiar rugged outline is peppered with at least 535 huge wind farms - taking up an estimated three to five per cent of the total land mass of Scotland - many of them located in areas of outstanding natural beauty.
30 Sep 2012
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