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Group produces wind turbine report

A Norfolk action group has highlighted the lack of industry regulation on wind turbines by producing its own report. Campaign group 4Villages said there is a growing danger to the public from wind turbine accidents, with an increasing number of incidents worldwide involving giant turbines catching fire, losing propeller parts or shedding lumps of ice.
27 Dec 2008

Wind turbine's deadly ice shower

Residents were left fearing for their safety after shards of melting ice fell on homes and gardens from the blades of a giant wind turbine. For about four hours people in King's Dyke, Whittlesey, had to take cover as huge lumps - some two feet long - showered them from the 80 metre high tower on Saturday morning. Resident Peter Randall, whose son's house lies a stone's throw away from the turbine, said: "Somebody is going to get killed. There was huge lumps of ice shooting off and landing everywhere.
2 Dec 2008

City stadium turbine plan ditched

Plans for a wind turbine on top of the City of Manchester Stadium have been abandoned for fear of falling ice. Planning permission for the 280ft (85m) turbine - which would have powered the stadium and some neighbouring homes - was granted in August 2006. But the project was delayed after experts warned of a risk of ice falling from the blades in cold weather.
6 Nov 2008

Wind turbines 'not sinking'

Rumours that giant wind turbines at Camber are sinking into the marsh have been scotched. Neale East, of the Wind Farm Liaison Group, said: "No they are not sinking. There is no truth in this whatsoever. "All 26 turbines are now up and the next construction work to take place will be putting up three metereological masts.
6 Oct 2008

Wind farm fears after turbine is destroyed

Shocking footage of a malfunction that destroyed a Danish wind turbine has been passed to the News Telegraph - by a district councillor concerned over the future of Ashbourne's first wind farm. District and county councillor Andrew Lewer says he sees the decision to allow an appeal and grant permission for four turbines near to Carsington Water as a "nail in the coffin for local democracy".
1 Oct 2008

Turbines a danger to tankers firm claims

James Fisher and Sons, which owns liquefied gas tankers and nuclear waste vessels, is a member of the prestigious UK Chamber of Shipping. The Chamber has slammed the government's decision to give the go ahead for the 139 turbine West of Duddon Sands windfarm to be built eight miles off Walney. A spokesman for the Chamber said: "We are extremely disappointed that the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) has given consent to the development of the West of Duddon Sands Windfarm site in Morecambe Bay without properly taking into account either the safety of seafarers and passengers, or the environmental costs of forcing ships to detour around the site.
27 Sep 2008

Green town put on hold over plane crash fears

A zero-carbon development near Wigan has been put on hold over concerns that a proposed wind turbine will interfere with air traffic. English Partnerships (EP) has suspended the bidding process after receiving an objection from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) about the 150m-high turbine. The CAA is concerned the 2MW turbine, which would have powered the 650 homes planned on the Bickershaw site, will interfere with light aircraft based at Liverpool and Manchester airports.
24 Sep 2008

Efforts to limit impact of Kerry landslide

Kerry County Council says this month's record rainfall is at least partly to blame for the slide, which occurred during construction work on a roadway to an electricity wind farm. Large volumes of peat have so far travelled over 3km, sweeping away a bridge and preventing some residents from accessing their homes.
24 Aug 2008

MoD surrenders in wind farms battle

The Ministry of Defence has finally withdrawn its objections to two major wind farms following the intervention of Gordon Brown. For years the MoD has fought the creation of two large wind farms off the coast of Northumberland and Norfolk because of fears of radar interference. It emerged last year that nearly half of all proposed wind farms were stuck in the planning process because of objections from the MoD, which has many RAF bases on the east coast of Britain. This meant that the Government had no chance of achieving its target of producing 20% of the country's total energy from renewable resources by 2020.
10 Aug 2008

Go-Ahead for Turbines - or Maybe Not

Energy secretary John Hutton yesterday gave the go-ahead to plans to build eighteen 125-metre high turbines, at Middlemoor, near Alnwick. But it cannot be built until energy giant npower comes up with a way of preventing the turbines interfering with RAF radar systems. Nick Blezard - chairman of the Save Northumberland's Environment, which opposed the project - says this is effectively a refusal given the radar issue. We can only hope he is right and that the Government - reluctant to admit defeat - is spinning Middlemoor as a "go-ahead" knowing that the radar caveat will halt the project.
9 Aug 2008

Wind farm wins guarded go-ahead

Plans for a major wind farm in Northumberland were approved by the Government yesterday. npower renewables' proposal to erect 18 turbines, 125m high, at Middlemoor, North Charlton, near Alnwick, was given the go-ahead by Energy Secretary John Hutton. But the wind farm cannot be erected until the energy giant comes up with a way to make sure the turbines do not affect RAF radar systems.
9 Aug 2008

RAF wind industry peace deal faces first test

Two new wind farm planning approvals dependent on developers and MoD agreeing way of minimising radar disruption ...approvals are conditional on technical solutions being developed that mitigate the effects of the turbines on the Air Defence Radar at RAF Brizlee Wood and Trimmingham respectively. The government said that both the business and defence ministers must be satisfied the impacts on these air defence radar are acceptable for the projects to proceed.
8 Aug 2008

Damaged wind turbine blades under repair

Repairs have started to a giant wind turbine between Sheffield and Rotherham after it was knocked out by a gale. A crack was spotted in the blades of one of two turbines yards from the Sheffield Parkway during high winds last month. A special failsafe device cut in to prevent further damage - and the crippled blades were allowed to fall to the ground. Since then, investigations have been going on into the damage at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, where the University of Sheffield operate the two turbines.
28 Jul 2008

MoD withdraws objection to Routh wind farm

Earlier in the inquiry the MoD said the proposed 100m-high turbines could interfere with radars, which were vital in guiding aircraft and identifying threats. ...However, on the day when final submissions were heard, the Ministry withdrew its opposition to the plans. It accepted an offer of mitigation by RidgeWind to provide coverage through a non-military radar. The MoD withdrew its objection on the condition that: "Ridgewind meets the capital costs" of implementing the system.
25 Jul 2008

National security set to win wind battle

National security, not renewable energy, will win the day in a battle being fought over two pending wind farm applications, the Gazette has been told. A decision from the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform is looming on 18 turbines proposed by npower renewables at Middlemoor, which was subject to a public inquiry last November. And a further hearing is about to launch into more at neighbouring Wandylaw ...But according to a well-placed source, both are doomed to certain failure because of Ministry of Defence (MoD) concerns over the effect of the turbines on both early warning radar systems and low-flying fast jets.
19 Jul 2008

MoD objects to wind farm plans

Aviation experts are set to clash over the impact a proposed wind farm at Routh, near Beverley, could have on radar installations. Twelve huge turbines could endanger aircraft flying over the region, a public inquiry into the controversial development will hear on Tuesday. Wind farm business RidgeWind Ltd is appealing against East Riding Council's refusal to allow the development at Hall Farm in Routh.
5 Jul 2008

Farmhouse horror as (16-ft) turbine blade smashes through roof

A farmer has described the shocking moment a 16-foot wind turbine blade smashed through the roof of his home as his family slept inside. "It was like a bomb hitting the roof of the house. It shattered the tiles and the blade disintegrated itself," David Campbell told the Belfast Telegraph. The turbine was one of a batch of 11 defective machines installed on farms in Northern Ireland with the help of European funding provided by the Department of Agriculture. All 11 of the Chinese-built turbines, sourced from the same supplier, have broken down but the farmers have been left thousands of pounds out of pocket and they complain that no-one is doing anything to help.
18 Jun 2008
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