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Donald Trump uses FOI to get wind farm documents

The American billionaire insists work on the giant hotel and housing development, integral to his long term vision for a golf resort north of Aberdeen at Menie, will only begin if plans for an 11-turbine European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC), are scrapped.
23 Feb 2015

Opinion divided on community turbines for the Black Isle

The campaign group No Black Isle Wind Farm says the highest ridge on the Black Isle earmarked for the development is "a completely inappropriate place for anyone to want to build an industrial-scale windfarm - it's in the wrong place, it will damage the environment for good, and it won't be effective."
16 Feb 2015

EDF ditches 54MW wind farm

The company said today that after reviewing data gathered at the site over two years it “has come to the conclusion that the site is no longer technically viable and has taken its decision not to proceed with the development”.
29 Jan 2015

Six in 10 UK onshore windfarms rejected, says report

About six out of 10 new UK onshore windfarm projects were rejected last year as a result of tougher planning guidelines and more applications being called in for a personal decision by the communities secretary, Eric Pickles, a report has found. The analysis from the Fabian Society, a left-leaning thinktank, found 57% of all onshore projects were rejected in 2014, meaning only 161 mostly smaller ones got the go-ahead.
21 Jan 2015

Controversial turbine approved as appeal looms

Controversial plans for a wind turbine near Pencader have been approved, despite concerns from residents living nearby. Planning permission for the 67-metre Wern turbine, as it is known locally, was granted by Carmarthenshire Council's planning committee in August.
21 Jan 2015

Anger as plan B for wind farm won’t be considered separately

Mike Unsworth, project director for Navitus, said: “We are pleased that the Planning Inspectorate has agreed to consider our alternative option for fewer turbines, further offshore, as part of our original planning application. While this proposal provides a second option for consideration in that process, it does not replace our original proposal.”
15 Jan 2015

As Britain freezes, wind farms take power from grid to prevent icing

Roger Helmer, energy spokesman for the UK Independence Party, who want to see wind farm subsidies scrapped, told Breitbart London: “We’re familiar with the layers of subsidy necessary to make wind farms viable. We’re familiar with the inefficiency of the necessary back-up fossil fuel generation, for when the wind doesn’t blow. Now we learn that on windless days these wind turbines are cannibalising power from the grid merely to help maintain them. Will the folly never stop?”
2 Jan 2015

Pickles throws out wind farm appeal

An appeal for four wind turbines in Dorcas Lane, Stoke Hammond, has been refused by the Secretery of State Eric Pickles. Mr Pickles agreed with the planning inspector’s recommendation to refuse the appeal.
31 Dec 2014

East Heslerton wind farm appeal rejected by judge

“I am obviously delighted at the result. It has been all about the money for them and millions and millions of pounds have been thrown at it. “Everyone around here is very pleased we just hope that this is the end and that they have finally taken no for an answer.”
24 Dec 2014
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