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Wind farms could face new restrictions as Government launches investigation

Dr Lee Moroney, director of planning at the Renewable Energy Foundation, a charity which has questioned the value of windfarms, called on the department to ensure the review is completely transparent by publishing all the research. "Hayes McKenzie habitually work for wind farm developers and we will need to see all the data to know that it has been correctly gathered," she said.
1 Aug 2010

Wind turbines are a white elephant

The energy minister Chris Hume's announcement that UK wind turbines are set to rise and continue the ill-thought out thinking of the last Labour government clearly shows again that the drive to develop wind farms by government and their advisers is totally lacking in knowledge and information on the critical subject of renewable energy and future economics.
29 Jul 2010

We need to talk about wind farms...

Wind power and solar power are so risibly inefficient that the only way they can ever be economically viable is with lashings and lashings of taxpayer subsidy. Nuclear power would be much more effective but Huhne has effectively ruled it out. Why? Because in Huhne's bizarre Weltanschauung, it's OK for the taxpayer to subsidise low-carbon energy that doesn't work (wind, solar) but not low-carbon energy that does work (nuclear).
28 Jul 2010

This talk of wind farms is so much hot air

Those madly turning whirligigs of wind farms cannot be expunged from the landscape, but their number, I imagined, could not increase. The Tories were too sensible for that. Our hilltops would no longer be defiled by the rumble of construction lorries, pouring concrete by the cubic kilometre to make foundations.
26 Jul 2010

Windfarms only giving half power

Helen McDade, head of policy at the John Muir Trust, which campaigns to protect wildlands in Scotland, said: "This raises serious concerns about security of supply. We have always been told that even if it isn't windy in one part of the country, it will be elsewhere. However, this suggests that is not the case.
18 Jul 2010

U.K. energy policy threatens thousands of jobs, Civitas says

Green energy policies have already boosted energy bills to businesses by 21 percent. "If we do not see reform of energy and climate legislation a whole swathe of businesses will not be able to operate competitively in the U.K. "The only question is how long it takes for their closure to result." The U.K. is trying to spur renewable power in order to meet a European Union target.
12 Jul 2010

Experts warn of power cuts as warm, dry weather creates a blow for wind turbine energy

On Wednesday, 800 homes in Errol, Perthshire, suffered a blackout, while the island of Eigg and the Knoydart peninsula area are facing power shortages because their renewable energy systems cannot cope with the recent weather. Experts believe power surges caused by the number of televisions tuned into the World Cup, Wimbledon and the Open could add to the problems.
4 Jul 2010

Ministers take power over planning projects

"New infrastructure is critical to the country's return to economic growth and we believe we must have a fast-track system for major projects - but it must be accountable," he said. "The previous system lacked any democratic legitimacy by giving decision-making power away to a distant quango on issues crucial to every community in the country."
29 Jun 2010

Hope now pinned on offshore economy

The Leader of Dundee City Council has said it is now imperative that the city does not lose out on the offshore wind farm jobs bonanza. Estimates suggest anything up to 145,000 manufacturing jobs could be created in the UK to make offshore turbines while another 10,000 posts will be needed to maintain them.
23 Jun 2010

Does money grow in wind farms?

Why, then, are we so "fixated" with wind? ...Part of the answer may be that wind turbines are visible, tangible symbols of political commitment and moral righteousness. Mr Clegg's party wants 15,000 of them, and the Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne, also a Lib Dem, has described them as "beautiful". The rest of the answer appears to be subsidy. The Government pays an indirect subsidy and putting up a wind turbine is the cheapest way to collect it.
13 Jun 2010

Wind farm fears appear to fade

The prospect of chains of windfarms in rural Northumberland appears to have faded, as the new Government told councillors this week that power is being returned to them. Until now, they have been under pressure to meet targets for renewable energy.
3 Jun 2010
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