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Injured wind farm worker is taken to hospital

An injured worker from the wind farms off Clacton has been taken to hospital after falling through a hatch on a tug boat. The 24-year-old German man was hurt while working aboard the vessel Arion which transports equipment out to the wind farms.
23 Sep 2009

Maintenance worker dies on Caithness wind farm

A man has died in an accident while carrying out maintenance at a wind farm today. It is understood the man was working high up on one of the turbines but did not fall. Police were called at around 9.15am to the Causeymire Wind Farm, south of Spittal, near the A9 in Caithness.
16 Sep 2009

Wakefield: Coca-Cola's wind turbine plan scrapped

Coca-Cola has scrapped plans for a towering wind turbine at their Wakefield site - after police raised fears it was too near the force helicopter's landing pad. The soft drinks giant wanted to build a 110-metre high turbine in a bid to make its bottling and distribution centre on the Wakefield 41Industrial Estate cleaner and greener.
10 Sep 2009

Aberford wind farm plan refused

Controversial plans to build a wind farm near Aberford have been blown away by councillors. The city council's east plans panel has turned down a developer's proposal to put five 125m-tall wind turbines in the green belt on Hook Moor just north of Micklefield. A council report said the application was refused because it would adversely impact on the Precision Approach Radar at RAF Church Fenton and impact upon the Primary Surveillance Radar at RAF Linton on Ouse.
24 Aug 2009

Wind farm's turbines may knock out radar

Military officials have warned RAF Cranwell planes could be affected by proposals to build eight 125-metre turbines in the Lincolnshire countryside. The RAF base and those at Waddington and Coningsby have been identified as sites that would be unable to provide a full Air Traffic Radar service if Enertrag UK erected turbines on land between Baumber and Wispington, near Horncastle.
19 Aug 2009

Neighbouring council to Fenland rejects wind turbine on flicker, ice and intrusiveness grounds

A long-running campaign to build a wind turbine at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn has been dealt another blow by councillors. The latest application to build an 80m turbine in the hospital grounds has been refused by West Norfolk's development control board ...This is the second planning application for the turbine which has been turned down.
10 Aug 2009

Pembrokeshire coroner voices Castle Pill wind farm fears

The county coroner fears drivers could be fatally distracted by the spinning blades of wind turbines placed near roads. Coroner Michael Howells is calling on planners to think carefully about where future turbines are placed. ...The coroner added: "It is, I think, generally accepted that a driver's attention is attracted by movement, whether that movement is on or off the road.
8 Aug 2009

Fears over RAF radar may spell the end of wind farm project

Plans to build a wind farm on a green belt site east of Leeds could be thrown out after council officers recommended refusing the application. Local residents have raised strong concerns over the application to build five wind turbines north of Micklefield, saying the proposed site is too close to their homes and the turbines will blight the landscape. ...the Ministry of Defence raised concerns it could affect radar at RAF Church Fenton and RAF Linton-on-Ouse.
29 Jul 2009

Ministry of Defence shoots down wind turbines plan

Plans to build two huge wind turbines in the Fen countryside have been thrown out - after the Ministry of Defence (MoD) warned they would put air safety in danger. The blades of the identical turbines at French Farm, Thorney, near Peterborough, would have reached 100 metres high, and despite being 16 miles from RAF Wittering and 23 miles from RAF Cottesmore, the MoD objected on safety grounds.
9 Jul 2009

Faulty Northumberland wind turbines could be taken down

Faulty wind turbines in a Northumberland beauty spot could be taken down after they stopped working. The three giant structures at Kirkheaton, North of Hexham, were put up almost 10 years ago by EDF Energy. But technical issues have meant that two of the turbines have had to have their blades removed, and haven't been operational since last autumn.
23 Jun 2009

Wind operator shares lessons from Whittlesey ice-shedding

A wind developer that became a "lightning rod" for the industry when one of its turbines started shedding ice in December, has revealed its latest strategy for dealing with ice build-up, writes Rachel Johnson. ..."We knew icing would occur but believed our turbines would stop in the event of an ice build up," he said. The investigation revealed that the most widely available guidelines on icing, including those from the BWEA, had said that wind turbines are designed to shut down in the event of an ice build up.
6 Mar 2009

UFO wind turbine 'broke due to mechanical failure not collision with flying object'

A 65 ft blade that flew off the turbine came loose after bolts attaching it to the hub failed, not because of a collision, examination of the components has revealed. ..."The bolt failure was the effect not the cause of the problem. They have ruled out bolt fatigue and design problems, and we know that they were properly put on," said Dale Vince the co-founder of Ecotricity, which owns the farm.
10 Feb 2009

Sensor fails to stop ice-terror wind turbine

A sensor which should switch off a wind turbine in icy conditions has failed - for the second time. As reported in The Evening Telegraph last week, a faulty sensor on the turbine in King's Dyke, Whittlesey, was blamed for huge shards of ice flying off its blades and crashing into homes and gardens in November. ..."The turbine was shut down immediately after we were alerted, and will remain in this state until further notice."
24 Jan 2009

A faulty sensor led to turbine ice shower

A faulty sensor on a giant wind turbine is being blamed for huge shards of ice flying off its blades and crashing into nearby homes and gardens. As The Evening Telegraph reported in November, residents in King's Dyke, Whittlesey, had to take cover for more than four hours when huge lumps of ice, some measuring 2ft, were flung from the giant machine's blades.
17 Jan 2009

Work to repair 'UFO' turbine is underway

Work to get the wrecked 'UFO' wind turbine up and running at Conisholme wind farm is underway. Despite the explanation as to why one of the baldes 'fell' and another was left bent still being unknown, workers are at the site and in the next few days, all three 65ft blades and the central hub will be replaced.
16 Jan 2009

Failed sensor caused ice shards

The failure of a sensor to halt a giant wind turbine when temperatures fall is blamed for shards of ice crashing into nearby homes in Cambridgeshire. The Cornwall Light and Power 80m (262ft) turbine was put up in August, near an industrial estate and close to homes in King's Dyke, Whittlesey. On 29 November chunks of ice started crashing into gardens.
16 Jan 2009

Airport to voice opinion on wind farms

Airport engineers will write to council planners with their concerns about a series of proposed wind farms. Three separate applications are being drawn up for up to 22 turbines which would lie in the turning zone for Durham Tees Valley Airport. Durham Tees Valley Airport is consulted on any wind farm application which is up to 30km away from its site. It has particularly concerns about three sites to the north-east of Darlington, which are within a few kilometres of the airport.
14 Jan 2009

Call for Conisholme wind farm to be closed; Ecotricity say there is no danger to the public

A call has been made for the Conisholme wind farm to be closed - before someone is injured. Coun Robert Palmer, Chairman of East Lindsey District Council, says the site should be closed off to the public while an independent health and safety investigation is carried out. On Sunday morning local people woke to find a blade on one of the 89 metre high wind turbines in Fen Lane had broken off.
7 Jan 2009
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