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Power failure: UK's wind farm plans in disarray

More than 230 separate local campaign groups against wind farms are operating across the UK, from Scotland and Kent to Norfolk, Yorkshire and Cornwall. These groups are scoring striking successes in defeating planned wind farms - even when faced with the weight of official recommendations.
28 Oct 2010

European renewables industry staggered first by recession, now by budget cuts

"The design of a feed-in tariff mechanism is innately uneconomic. They are great for investors but very difficult for governments to sustain," said Jim Fitzgerald, assistant director in consultancy Ernst & Young's renewable energy practice. "The real lesson here for investors is that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is just that," he told ClimateWire.
21 Oct 2010

Wind power: saving the earth, or just costing it?

"The British experience," Whitehouse says, "has been to use wind farms to increase the energy bills of every household without increasing the security of energy supply." In Britain, that explains why energy analysts have of late widely predicted national power cuts within just four years. Once we get past the wind-industry press handouts, what the "British wind experience" actually teaches is how quixotic fictions can easily leave us cold.
12 Oct 2010

U.K. focuses on wind farms to improve energy profile

Despite growing opposition from citizens, nature conservation trusts and local lawmakers, the government continues to push for more wind farms across the country. Time is ticking toward a deadline in 2020 set by the European Union by which Britain would have to increase the amount of power it generates from renewable sources to 15 percent.
29 Sep 2010

The Thanet wind farm will milk us of billions

A far more significant omission from the media reports, however, was any mention of the colossal subsidies this wind farm will earn. Wind energy is subsidised through the system of Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs), unwittingly paid for by all of us through our electricity bills. Our electricity supply companies are obliged to buy offfshore wind energy at three times its normal price, so that each kilowatt hour of electricity receives a 200 per cent subsidy of £100.
25 Sep 2010

How billions are being blown on wind farms

British consumers are coughing up £1billion a year to support renewable energy without realising it, a leading expert revealed yesterday. ..."The Government's infatuation with offshore wind has led to other renewable sources, such as tidal power, being starved of resources."
24 Sep 2010

Wind farms could face new restrictions as Government launches investigation

Dr Lee Moroney, director of planning at the Renewable Energy Foundation, a charity which has questioned the value of windfarms, called on the department to ensure the review is completely transparent by publishing all the research. "Hayes McKenzie habitually work for wind farm developers and we will need to see all the data to know that it has been correctly gathered," she said.
1 Aug 2010

Wind turbines are a white elephant

The energy minister Chris Hume's announcement that UK wind turbines are set to rise and continue the ill-thought out thinking of the last Labour government clearly shows again that the drive to develop wind farms by government and their advisers is totally lacking in knowledge and information on the critical subject of renewable energy and future economics.
29 Jul 2010

We need to talk about wind farms...

Wind power and solar power are so risibly inefficient that the only way they can ever be economically viable is with lashings and lashings of taxpayer subsidy. Nuclear power would be much more effective but Huhne has effectively ruled it out. Why? Because in Huhne's bizarre Weltanschauung, it's OK for the taxpayer to subsidise low-carbon energy that doesn't work (wind, solar) but not low-carbon energy that does work (nuclear).
28 Jul 2010

This talk of wind farms is so much hot air

Those madly turning whirligigs of wind farms cannot be expunged from the landscape, but their number, I imagined, could not increase. The Tories were too sensible for that. Our hilltops would no longer be defiled by the rumble of construction lorries, pouring concrete by the cubic kilometre to make foundations.
26 Jul 2010

Windfarms only giving half power

Helen McDade, head of policy at the John Muir Trust, which campaigns to protect wildlands in Scotland, said: "This raises serious concerns about security of supply. We have always been told that even if it isn't windy in one part of the country, it will be elsewhere. However, this suggests that is not the case.
18 Jul 2010

U.K. energy policy threatens thousands of jobs, Civitas says

Green energy policies have already boosted energy bills to businesses by 21 percent. "If we do not see reform of energy and climate legislation a whole swathe of businesses will not be able to operate competitively in the U.K. "The only question is how long it takes for their closure to result." The U.K. is trying to spur renewable power in order to meet a European Union target.
12 Jul 2010
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