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Wind energy rebels rebuked

David Cameron risks a backlash from the countryside after defending the Government's plans to support onshore wind farms. ...Nick Williams, who lives in the shadow of one of the Fullabrook turbines made an emotional plea to "stop the onslaught of the countryside". He said: "I'm a prisoner of Fullabrook."
23 Feb 2012

Anger over growth in number of wind turbine applications

Objectors say turbines are inefficient, blight the landscape and rely heavily on subsidies. But supporters argue Bradford must embrace all forms of renewable energy. Shipley MP Philip Davies said: "People who live close by one can see they are a tremendous blight on the landscape. For everybody else they are an extremely inefficient and uneconomic way of generating electricity.
20 Feb 2012

Delay at wind farm is 'causing us misery'

Nick Williams said he and other residents were suffering increased stress levels because of delays in officially commissioning the site. The delay meant that complaints about the noise could not be officially investigated. Until the wind farm is officially commissioned, the environmental health team at North Devon Council said it was not legally allowed to carry out noise checks.
12 Jan 2012

‘Gold rush in wind turbines leaves Scots feeling under attack'

A moratorium should be placed on new wind turbine developments until councils are given clearer guidance from government, environment minister Fergus Ewing has been told. MSPs warned that local communities feel they are "under attack" from energy firms whose desperation to snap up land across Scotland "resembles the prospecting days of the American gold rush".
2 Dec 2011

Switch-off for noisy wind farms

Details from the dossiers come as a series of new studies conclude that living near to wind turbines can increase levels of sleep disruption and stress-related conditions. One review of the scientific evidence written by environmental health consultants who work on behalf of the wind energy industry stated that noise from wind turbines was "associated with some reported health effects".
20 Nov 2011

Economic advantages of wind farms- a total illusion

The impact on the people and the beautiful countryside of Mid Wales and Shropshire will be devastating. 800 of these structures in the area proposed is completely and wholly out of proportion. If localism means anything at all, the ruination of the hills should be taken by bodies accountable locally. The macro-economic alleged advantages are, as KPMG point out, a total illusion.
9 Nov 2011

Turbine noise 'destroying' our lives

Several residents feel they are trapped living with the noise because if they tried to move house few people would be interested in buying a property next to a wind turbine. Nick Williams lives at Fullabrook itself with six of the turbines near his house. He claimed the wind farm had destroyed the area he lives in as well as his life.
23 Sep 2011

Plans to build bigger wind turbines on Frodsham Marshes could have a negative impact on residents, say campaigners

Plans to increase the size of ‘giant' turbines on Frodsham Marshes will ‘blot out the landscape' and ‘cast a shadow across hundreds of homes', say campaigners. ...Campaigners are outraged with changes to the original application, which could see the size of the individual turbines increase from a width of 90m to 100m.
15 Sep 2011
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