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'Job done' on wind farms, says John Hayes

Too many of the turbines had been “peppered” across the UK without enough consideration for the countryside and people’s homes, adding that “enough is enough”. He added: “We can no longer have wind turbines imposed on communities. I can’t single-handedly build a new Jerusalem but I can protect our green and pleasant land.”
13 Nov 2013

Fears as Keelham Farm Shop bid to erect second turbine

The Thornton and Queensbury area has been transformed into a “wind farm landscape” in recent years, according to a council officer. Bradford Council’s landscape architect Simon Alderson made the comments when asked for his feedback on the latest application for a wind turbine in the area, at Keelham Farm Shop.
9 Nov 2013

New wind farm planning guide is failing, says MP Geoffrey Cox

Wind farms are "industrialising" the countryside, a Westcountry MP has warned as he raised fears tough new rules to prevent the technology's expansion are failing. Geoffrey Cox, Conservative MP for Torridge and West Devon, has concerns that new planning guidance to give local opponents more power has done little to slow the number of wind farm applications.
26 Oct 2013

Hemswell Cliff: Planning officers recommend wind farm be refused at special meeting

Planning officers have recommended the application be refused on two grounds. The first is that the wind farm would ‘significantly intrude upon and dominate the setting of nearby heritage assets resulting in substantial harm to the detriment of their significance’, and secondly that it would result in ‘substantial harm to heritage assets of significant archeological interest within the site.’
23 Oct 2013

Wind farms 'spinning out of control'

“We appreciate that wind farms have a place, but the fact that there are seven wind farm applications a day in Scotland proves this is a gravy train threatening to career out of control.” Some local authorities have previously voiced concern over the number of wind farm submissions from energy firms. Many are large-scale, requiring significant work, and placing a weighty burden on planning chiefs.
13 Oct 2013

Wind farm 'gravy train' criticised by Conservatives

"Alex Salmond has played to the gallery on this one, but the figures show the rush of wind farm applications remains intense. These applications put council planning departments under immense strain, and cause great concern to communities worried about the impact a massive wind farm on their doorstep will have."
13 Oct 2013

Navitus Bay wind farm has “more holes than Swiss cheese” say Dorset councillors

Consultants commissioned by the county council expressed ‘disappointment’ in a report to the committee that NBDL would not submit 70mm or 75mm focal length single frame printed images that would provide a clearer picture of what the development would look like. They said the wind farm could not be sited entirely out of site within the development boundary.
11 Oct 2013

Move to curb the wind farms: Pickles announces that concerns about visual and environmental impact must be taken into account

‘Some communities have genuine concerns that when it comes to developments such as wind turbines and solar farms, insufficient weight is being given to local environmental considerations like landscape, heritage and local amenity. The new guidance makes it clear that the need for renewable energy does not automatically override environmental protections and the views of local communities will be listened to.'
10 Oct 2013

Wind farm 'threat' to our finest views: English Heritage chief says his 'biggest challenge' is to stop eyesores destroying Britain's cultural heritage

Wind farms and flyovers which block some of the country’s most glorious views are one of the biggest threats to Britain’s cultural heritage, the chief executive of English Heritage has said. Simon Thurley said his ‘biggest challenge’ was to find ways to stop the erection of wind farms and other eyesores from obscuring historic buildings and monuments.
9 Oct 2013

How the Earl of Arrogance has outraged his neighbours over a wind farm that could generate millions

For those who could find themselves living right next to these colossal structures, however, it is a deeply depressing spectre. ‘If Lord Spencer and EDF had taken the trouble to talk to everyone first and ask how to make these things as unobtrusive as possible, they’d have won some people round,’ he says. ‘But they just got everyone’s backs up from the start.’
3 Oct 2013

Massive windfarm could hit dark skies

The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory is composing a response to the South Kyle wind farm consultation voicing concerns about light pollution, which could spoil precious star views. Energy firm Vattenfall plans to erect 50 wind turbines spanning nearly 150 metres if the Scottish Government approves the wind farm.
28 Sep 2013

Turbine row gets personal as rift opens in village

Mr Standley, who stands to benefit financially from the Government’s renewable energy scheme, has been quoted claiming he will receive £80,000 a year from the 250kW wind turbine - but he told the EADT the cash is by no means guaranteed, and that he won’t see a return on his £500,000 investment for at least 10 years. Other residents remain angered ..."bill-payers are being forced to subsidise schemes which “rape the countryside”.
28 Sep 2013
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