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Sinton ISD sues city over wind turbine project, cites open meeting violations

While some council members have tried to let the district's plan move forward, other members and city officials are upset that the district didn't approach the city about the project in 2009 when it was first being considered. They feel the district tried to ram the project through City Hall without deference to neighboring property owners and city officials.
4 Apr 2012

Wind turbines and radar interference

Kingsville officials oppose a planned wind farm near Rivera. They are concerned about potential interference with Navy radar. I say these concerns are well founded. The turbines north of Nueces Bay definitely interfere with FAA radar right here in Corpus Christi.
3 Apr 2012

Army Corps launches study of proposed South Texas offshore wind farms

The first public meeting on the project is planned for March 28 in Brownsville. The Corps is accepting public comments that will help define the scope of its environmental study, which is expected to be complete by the end of 2014. Environmental groups are tracking the project and have raised concerns about the turbines' effects on birds and sea life.
15 Mar 2012

Sinton wind turbine dispute charts new territory

"The issue of renewable energy development has been polarized in recent months across the country," said Russel Smith, director of the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association. "Anybody paying attention who is politically oriented and motivated will be aware of that. As a result, in many local communities, the effort to put some restrictions is the first thing that happens" when a wind project is proposed.
26 Feb 2012

City, district officials could enter legal dispute over wind turbine project at Sinton High School

At a City Council meeting Tuesday night, City Manager Jackie Knox quoted from a Texas Attorney General's opinion in 2009 that says cities may enforce land development regulations against a school district for aesthetics or to maintain property values. "We feel the attorney general's interpretation is what we have to go by," Knox said.
22 Feb 2012

High winds put the brake on wind turbines

Gusts of more than 55 mph can damage a wind turbine and become a safety concern, said AJ Swope, the executive director of Class 4 Winds & Renewables. "The turbines will shut themselves down because they can't handle that amount of wind," Swope said.
20 Feb 2012

City of Sinton rejects plan for wind turbines at high school

Residents were divided over the project. It would have offered the district electricity savings and real-world learning for math and science students, but it also was unappealing to some residents worried about the visual impact and noise. The Sinton Independent School District sought variances from a city ordinance adopted last year that regulates wind turbine construction.
14 Feb 2012

Wind energy transmission costs balloon to $7B

The Public Utility Commission of Texas issued its latest quarterly report last week on the progress of wiring West Texas to deliver wind energy to metropolitan areas, and it shows the project first estimated to cost ratepayers downstate $5 billion will now run closer to $7 billion.
7 Feb 2012

Texas comptroller made the right call on wind turbines

Comptroller Combs will hear criticism from the Texas Wind Industry folks and green energy advocates, but she made the right call in recommending against the tax abatement application with Bishop ISD. Until technical mitigation is proven, it would be unwise to allow the construction of wind turbines within 25 miles of NAS Corpus Christi, NAS Kingsville and the Corpus Christi International Airport.
5 Jan 2012

Comptroller's office recommends school district not approve tax incentives for Petronila wind farm project

The uncertainty surrounding the Petronila project underscores new efforts to reduce interference between wind farms and military radar, which emerged in the past two years as a hurdle for wind developers in South Texas. Wind turbines can create radar images that prevent air traffic controllers from seeing aircraft in certain areas.
28 Dec 2011

Austin Energy wind deal canceled

A Spanish company planning to expand its wind farm in Kenedy County scrapped its idea, according to Austin Energy, which had planned to buy up to 200 megawatts of the expanded facility's generating capacity.
3 Dec 2011
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